Monday, September 26, 2011

Yard Sales Suck If You Are Trying To Sell Your Art

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Audience"
"Know Thy Customer"
"Know Thy Venue"
Pearls of wisdom 
I chose to ignore 
in my
infinite Hope 
To Impress, Dazzle,and Amaze
Yard Sale Shoppers
with my Art. 
Never Again.
Can you say Boring and Insulting???
They didn't get it
appreciate it
or make freakin' eye contact.
Is eye contact too much to ask??
I think not. 
But then again, I'm a loon.
As my friend JoAnne said, 
"people are looking to spend a dollar
on an appliance that actually works"!!
Well, if that was me, I would have looked,
commented, said hi
while making Eye Contact 
and if I liked what I saw, I woulda bought a 
Christmas Present for 20 damn bucks.
But that's just me.

This first pic features my sister Deb.
She brought crap over from her laundry room.
She made Sales. 
And therefore Money. 

My fancy display area.
The other classy display area.
Thats me in pink.
Looking Miserable
cuz I was bored. 
I only got one laugh. 
That is the worst thing ever for me.
I live for getting laughs.
I wonder if I had my stuff on tables 
it would have made a difference.
Maybe I'll look for tables
at the next neighborhood yard sale.
 PS. If you see me buying tables 
Thank you.


  1. Eye contact is the very least you could've hoped for. I'm sorry people weren't getting it/you when you put yourself out there. It must simply have been the arena that spoilt it because your art is amazing. penny

  2. now you know that you don't need to try that again, tho i am surprised that your art, as great as it is, didn't get at least one garage sale bargain shopper out of their stupor long enough to at least make eye contact! not a reflection on your art, you know that, right?

  3. Susan, I think you should consider an art faire as your venue - most yard sale attendees I've seen have no appreciatation for art. Keep working at it - your work is wonderful!

  4. Your title says it all! Yard sales aren't the right venue for artists... our market isn't people who are bargain hunting for used household goods.

    Your experience is not a reflection on your work! It's painful to feel rejected or ignored but I think you simply need to sell your work in a totally different environment...

    Best wishes for all your happy creations (and sales)!

  5. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Artists!!
    You all are sooooo right. Never Again. Working on getting some pieces ready for a gallery/gift shop that is excited about my work! I'm ECSTATIC!! will blog about it when the paint is dry.....xoxoxoS