Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drawing Love

I love to draw.
Learning to draw 
is really about learning to see.
Below is some Toby practice.
I got bored of looking at him and switched to this other face.
I think I like to draw females
more than males.
The drawing below I did along side
my suzi blu video class:
Suzi covers Angel faces, The Goddess and The Poet, and
Tudor type faces. 

This is the second drawing 
I've done which is purely 
from my head. 
Meaning I wasn't staring at 
a photo trying to recreate it.
I was working along with suzi
but my drawing does not really look like hers except for around the lips.
It's so exciting to learn a 
new technique. I really
super sucked
at drawing in the beginning.
But Misty Mawn told me to
practice, practice, practice. 
So I do. 
And I love it, which is the
most important thing. 
I think that this drawing looks
like my bosses daughter:
I didn't do that 
on purpose. 
I guess all little kids
share similiar features tho.
I just happen to think this
little girl is extraordinary.

Here is my Tudor face attempt.
It's the evil 3/4 face attempt.
Warning: this sucks.
 Told you.
But that's OK.
It sucks less than
last months attempt. 

So you want to try a new pencil?
They make practice
that much more fun.
You will need a coupon.
They are pricey.
But your art is worth it.

And it's true.
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Unless you don't need to.
Then I hate you.

1 comment:

  1. I remember when I used to do commissioned portraits, and they were almost ALWAYS the 3/4 view. I guess I adjusted.... ;-D
    I have not done any since I quit doing fiber-art, and there is that niggling urge to try them once more, just to see if I can DO IT!
    Best advice I have? Look at everything in a mirror and that will show areas that need work. Proportion is the key; I don't know how many times a mirror saved me.
    Like what you're doing and I may....just MAY....have to invest in a set of those pencils! (like I need one more thing in this disaster of a studio...omg.....)