Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Etsy Question for my Bloggin Buds

Here is a question I 
posted on facebook
March 5.
I can't figure out how to link
to that particular post.
So go to my fb page and scroll
back to March 5. 
There are many practical
comments that just might
help you out with etsy as well.
I thank everyone who 
commented on fb.
If you are reading this blog
please friend me on fb if you
haven't done so already.
(Susan Rae Sager on fb)
I love to see the art you
are creating! 

So, back to my point. 
I received a comment on this question that has 
really really really 
made me think.
And I would love to 
get your opinion on it. 
The comment is from
Stewart Gill paints aka
Amazing paint that is 
pricey perfection.
So here is the Question I posted: 

To all my art friends who sell on etsy: I need advice. I've been on etsy for 2 years and have made 2 sales. I understand the economy and that my art may not appeal to everyone. There must be things I can do to promote my shop. What advice can you give me. Is there a blog or book you recommend about how to jump start my shop. Should I close and reopen? do I need one of those long ugly names for each print "blue dragonfly painted print of original art" instead of "Dragonfly Print"? I do use tags etc. Here's a link to my shop. I would appreciate any input and constructive criticism. Bring it. I can take it!!! thanks in advance. 

And here is what 
Stewart Gill Scotland commented:

Hi susan, I wanted to encourage you to think about the core reasons why you make art in the first place....who are these people in the etsy netherworld that you hope will buy from you really need the money from selling your work (and can you earn that money more efficiently doing other stuff) or are you translating 'sales' into 'artistic merit' - canyou get a sense of value and purpose from other ways (blog, the opinions of those you really trust) much time away from actally making REAL ART is it going to take to negotiate all the bizarre little online ways of raising your profile....and is that worth it???? WIll you look back in 5 years time and think i wish i'd spent more time getting tag lines and 'LIKES' or I wish I'd made more art, not felt so harrassed with the kids, housework etc etc etc!!!!! Sorry for's just your question raises an eternal one that all us artists face - How do we know that what we are doing is meaningful? I wish you every success in finding the right path to truly enable your creativity to be at the forefront! xxx

I love this comment.
It has actually rocked my world
since I read it March 5.
I haven't figured out 
how I feel yet. 
What do you think?
I would love to hear
your thoughts!

oh and here is a 
gratuitous hot guy pic
for hanging in there
with this wordy post:
You're welcome.


  1. i get the point, not sure i agree. i love selling my art- it means that someone else is enjoying something i made, it means that i have money to buy supplies, it helps me dream that it could be a viable option some day (ha! yeah, right!). but, i don't sell on etsy, which i understand is pretty labor intensive. all of the artists i know who make a living making art have to spend time selling. and making popular items. but they also still make real art. so i guess it sort of depends on how much you want to work at selling your art. i take more issue with making art to a formula that will sell than i do spending time trying to figure out how to sell more original work. well, my turn to rant i guess :) can't wait to see what else turns up!

  2. Having a hard time focusing on my comment as I wipe up the drool that Jon caused...

    I think there is art from the heart and art that pays the bills. Sometimes they are one and the same but not always. I think Etsy has some good points - how would many artists be able to afford a place to sell their own work without it, and for no real commission ? But if you really want to get your art work out there, there is a lot more leg work needed - door to door stuff at arty shops, entering shows (juried ! yikes!), making friends with other artists doing the same thing, writing a book about some technique or some art form that inspires you...
    Again, it comes back to what role you want your art to play in your life. Is it an expression of your heart and soul that just has to be put out into the world somehow or is it a means to pay for that art retreat that you want to go too. It can be both, as I said, but does it really have to ?
    Good questions.
    Good eye candy !
    Good God, those abs !
    Love and light, brilliant one !