Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art Journal day

I tried.
But for various reasons
I have not continued to follow 
Book Of Days 
art journaling fb group.
I got startled by comments.
I get lazy.
I am re-evaluating everything.
I have menopause.
ok, that last one is 
definitely the culprit for just
about everything right now. 
I was compelled to journal today.
I am using this journal:

 I still love the journal I was 
up-cycling for BOD.
But that journal is gesso'd and painty and embellished.
This journal is going to be one of those quickie 
paper and glue
only ones 
that get the real dirt
of my feelings 
when they need 
to go down fast and ugly 
not slow and arty.
Feel me?
I knew that you could. 
This is the first spread.
OK maybe it is a little arty, 
you will recognize the cover photo for my fb page is taken from this spread. I needed a place to
 gather and ponder 
on my inchies 
and this is the perfect size 
page spread.
 The second spread is mostly
ripped up paint palette paper, random papers and junk mail, Philadelphia art museum was
advertising a Frida exhibit, yes, I went.

This page has a transparent insert I journaled on but removed from the photo here.
I was going thru a health scare.
I puked my emotions all over Frida.
She would approve.

 Which brings me to today.
I am using junk mail
that I thought was quite ironic
given my state of mind.

 I sanded the shiny a little and cut and glued 
and picked up random paper to glue down as journal block.
I went to the library today and picked up a $1 book. 
It was meant to be because I found that quote in it that pertained exactly to my feelings today.
The last photo has tissue on top of the specifics.
In general, I've written about
Living Now In The Present Moment

Thanks for visiting my blog.
You know you have it bad 
when you even keep junk mail. 
Hoarding is the next step.


  1. I enjoyed your post and pages very much dear Susan...yes we can all do with the reminder to be here now

    you know I went to a Frida exhibit in Philly a few years ago AND that is when we discovered The Magic Garden...can't wait to return again one day

    oh oh just heard a big clap of thunder...think I'll back away from the puter for a bit

    Love your pages...keep doing what you're doing...all is well

  2. Oh I *LUV* junk mail! I had to sort thru piles on the studio purge! LOL! I feel with ya sistah....
    I can never keep in a group and do a journal....that Sketch Book Journal thing that was all the rage caught my attention for two months and then bored me to tears as my direction was not the same as everyone else. (and that's FINE)
    Love the ripped pieces w/Frida. Very nice.
    Do your own thing.
    It's always more satisfying in the long run, and much more creative too.
    From she who keeps too many scraps of paper....


  3. We all follow BOD in our own ways. I don't do too much of it on Facebook, but continue to try and journal every day - this was my goal when I started. Effy is doing a "reset" right now - evaluating where we are with BOD. For me it means celebrating the successes (journalling every day) and changing a few things (moving to a multi-media journal to try more watercolor). So don't feel bad that you are doing it YOUR way. It looks like you're still doing it some way :) Fantastic. Love the colours in your spread and what you did with junk mail. I love recycled art.

  4. Isn' there something so cathartic to just messing around, getting the ick out or escaping the freakin' brain for a bit while you work ? A life saver indeed.
    Here's to this very moment and all we are.
    Hugs !

  5. i love all of the pages, and they all look arty to me! i can completely understand just journaling when you feel you have something to say- hell i started one 3 years ago & haven't been back- i babble elsewhere (and not my deep dark feelings). you're inspiring me!