Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spray Play

I had the best time playing 
in my studio last week. 
Altho I was inspired by the mono-print workshop I attended last month, it got me to thinking about where my strengths and skills are, 
and what exactly do
 I Love to create. 
Along those always present lines of "what is my style, do I have one, what am I trying to say, why do I do this etc" .
Scroll back to re-visit my post about the workshop and
the soul searching comment I received from Stewart Gill Paints
on facebook. 
So, I've gone back to LOVE. 
What do I love to do?
Make Backgrounds.
Messy painty textury Backgrounds.
What else do I Love to do?
Collage on wood. 
And most of all?
I Love to make 
 Artist Trading Cards.
Every one of my prints that I have for sale on etsy, began with 
the humble ATC beginning.
So maybe all my soul searching
is a no-brainer.
I Love to make messy backgrounds 
and turn them into collages on wood or ATC's.
The technique:
I began with some vintage 
ladies crafts/recipe/ magazines
called The Workbasket.
I started with dripping some
alcohol ink randomly.
I like the intensity of the ink.
It does not get diluted with
water or paint that is added next.
Keep that in mind, cuz, it aint goin nowhere!!!
I then added some Glimmer sprays, home made sprays, Ranger sprays.
I am not thrilled with any of the commercial sprays due to the nozzles clogging.I adore the colors but the clogging is 
frustrating. I use cheap body sprays I get at Walmart.I just dump the "perfume" gag, down the sink and add my ink with water, 
or paint with glazing medium and water. 
I love the look of the oxidized copper and think I got it good this time. I also scored some cross stitch patterns in the magazine and decided to cover some baseball cards to turn into ATC's at a future date. 
By the way, I lightly dry brushed the vintage papers with gesso before spraying. To toughen up the delicate papers and push some of the writing to the back.
I used some scrapbook paper as stencils for spraying and then glued the actual papers down on some of the vintage papers.I love the texture!
I only stamp occasionally now, but I wanted to add some curvy fonts and organic shapes, thus the Italian font and the thorns.
I gesso'd thru scrapbook paper onto some old calendar pages.I also laid a light layer of gesso down and wrote into it with a stick. 
Then after drying, I cut and glued the papers onto illustration board for ATC's and adhered the calendar page onto a wooden shadow box.

So there you have it!
Spray Studio Play! This week I had the mother lode of all hauls!!
Work was getting rid of over 100 solid wood 5x7 plaques.
I was able to take them!!! 
I am sooooo tired of paying $$$
for wooden shadow boxes!

This is the perfect size for me.
So maybe it was a good thing I figured out 
what I LOVE.
Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. I took a Gelli Art printing plate class this morning and had a blast ! I love the activity of making painted papers. I could do that all day, and just fall in love over and over again with what comes. Then you have great pieces to play with in collages !
    Those wook plaques are a treat ! What a score !
    Have fun with play time, Artist Chick !