Thursday, May 31, 2012

I think I'm starting to get this
Art Journaling thing.
Lately, I've had 
no muse
to speak of
have been rethinking 
why I am doing "this".
"This" means art related
marketing, etc.
My wheels are really turning
these days as I approach 50.
Thanks to an incredible therapist
and the timing just being right
to receive, hear, whatever
you want to call it,
I am figuring things out.
The short is answer is 
I make art
because I love it.
End of story.
No going into the studio 
if I'm not feeling the love.
Do something else I love that day.
Here are several 
art journal pages in process.
I am finding the process
cathartic and highly valuable.
I'm using random stuff 
that's laying all
over my floor and table.
The page is driven by my emotion,
not by technique or 
trying to be pretty.
Altho, as I become 
more practised 
at collage composition,
they can't help but
be pretty 
every once in awhile.
This one has some added
pen work.
Not quite finished yet.
 Using random shizz
laying everywhere.
I am such a slob in here.

I sanded the game card.
There's a few rub ons there,
a cut up stamp,
handmade papers
and a Blues Guitar!!
I had so much fun!!!
I will leave you with
my new mantra:
I Love You
I'm sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank you.
Because I deserve it.
Because I deserve to be happy.
And so do you.


  1. love. love the journal page (saw the guitar right away!) love your new mantra.

  2. I'm glad you are finding your "groove" and enjoying art journals. I love working on mine. I love this page and you aren't the only one who's art studio is a mess. LOL! Thank you for sharing your work and your thoughts with all of us. :)