Sunday, February 10, 2008

Art and Soul "All Original" Fatbook Sneak Peek

I'm participating in an "All Original" fatbook for Virgina 2008, Art and Soul Retreat. The hostess is Mary Barfield. The theme is "open" or can be tied in with Art and Soul's theme "By The Sea". I chose to let "By The Sea" set the tone for my page. There are 40 players in this book. I started with 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. I painted a couple thinned out layers of acrylics in blue on the front and back of each sheet.

Next step was the fun part! I used a pipette to drizzle thinned down white Lumiere paint here and there. Then I sprayed Tulip Color Sprays all around then sprayed 70 % rubbing alcohol on top the color spray. The alcohol spray caused really cool water spots. Blotted.
The effect looks like you're looking into a pool of water, or a clear caribbean ocean floor. Or, at least I like to think so!!

I was able get 6 4x4 pages and 6 ATC's out of each sheet. Backgrounds done!

Next step was to gather my one and only fish stamp, source unknown, sorry! Gathered up purple, silver, blue and red embossing powders and stamp.

Added red embossing powder first on the center of the fish. I'm in love with red right now! Then mixed the other colors up and heat embossed:

I have the backgrounds complete, ended up with 40 good pages, and about 50 or so ATC backgrounds that will be traded at Art and Soul. Now the embellishing fun begins.....Stay tuned!!


  1. Wow, you are on top of things. I keep worrying already that I'd better get with it, what with pages, charms and swaps to do.

  2. Beautiful~thanks for sharing!!! Is this for Book #1? I am in this one, and have not quite started, but am about to =)

  3. These pages are going to be beautiful, Susan. Me -- I'm in the second fatbook swap, and the only thing I've done is cut my paper.

  4. Me again. I've just spent hours reading your wonderful blog. I'm hooked. I've read it all. But that won't stop me from coming back and reading it all again. You rock.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are off to a flying start Susan!!! I'm still in the 'thinking' stages of what to swap at A&S. I did not sign up for any other swaps. I know I'll be sorry when I see everyone's creations. Your background and fish look super! Eagerly waiting to see what comes next...

  6. These look amazing! Isn't it fun when they all start to come together? I can't wait to see the finished book. I've been working like a mad woman since I have to do pages for both books and all original front covers and back covers and inside front covers and inside back covers for all!!! AAAAAAAAAAK! But this is what happens when you get addicted to this fun artsy stuff.

    Mary B

  7. Oh very nice! I haven't even started THINKING about what to do. I think I'm in the 2nd swap.
    Can you tell me about the music playing?


  8. These are just gorgeous Susan!!! Love the colours of the background and the red really "pops"!

  9. ahhhhh, great inspiration. i am in the swap too, i have been thinking tons, but time to jump in and get going, thanks for sharing!

  10. I love your blog, Susan. Keep up the great art!