Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fat Book: Part Two

Fatbook and ATC trades for Art and Soul are moving forward! Here are the 42 ATC's that made the cut: (pun intended)

Pay no attention to my messy workspace!! Now it's time to embellish!
Stamped "ART" using my Divas D'este stamp onto HP Premium Photo Paper Glossy. Got some laminating sheets at Wal-mart. Laminated, cut out, carefully!, and punched tiny hole in top. Was able to fit about 90 on one sheet. Next step: Fashioning the fish hooks. Are you starting to get where I'm going with this????

Added some beads, crazy red fibers and twist, twist, twist. Back to the pages! Embellished edges with red ink (let dry) over ink edges with blue to add depth.

Heavy Gel mediumed those hooks on:
Gotta finish off the backs too! Added signatures:
And Labels:
Here is one "Art Bait" ATC and one Fatbook page front and back. They are all different, these are just a sampling! I have all the hooks made and only have gel mediuming left to do. The due date is April 1, but I self imposed a March 1 due date on myself, because, well, I know myself really well!!!!

This has been great fun! Now that this committment is almost complete, I'm looking forward to participating with my new group, Altered Arts Obsession, that I was graciously accepted to join! The group is working on altering egg shapes, which is really intimidating to me! I'm very new to assemblage art and am counting on my classes at Art and Soul to help me get my learn on!!


  1. These are fabulous Susan! I only have to make 28 pages, and I'm still thinking on it. I know myself too. It'll no doubt be closer to April 1 when I get mine finished!
    I'll be looking to snag one of your Art Bait ATCs in Hampton.

  2. Great blog Susan, come see mine! scroll down to second post on page oxox