Sunday, February 3, 2008

Discover, Travel, Journey

Spoiler Alert: Tracey Read No Further!!!

I'm making a piece for my bff Tracey. I started with glossy cardstock, and went wild with alcohol inks. Repeat. On the second piece of cardstock I overstamped the ink with a fish stamp, whose origins are unknown to me. Like a lot of my supplies! I tore pieces of paper that Tracey brought me from London and adhered bits here and there. Then I stamped the words on the bottom of each piece, cut them out and gel mediumed them on top the other piece:

I got the idea for the compostion from a Somerset Studio magazine. I think it was "Inspirations", but I'm not positive. If I come across it I will credit the artist for her technique. I have hundreds of Somerset Studio mags, so that may take a while! Next step: added a wrapped chenille stem, a technique from Sherrill Kahn's book Creative Embellishments. We are working out of this book in my arttechniquesATCs yahoo group.

I'm going to adhere it somewhere towards the top:

Next step: adding wire bead's to the chenille stem, another technique from Creative Embellishments.
Wrapped wire around knitting needle, add beads, consult book for more info! Next step: adding beads to wrapped chenille stems.

Placement will be something like this:

Next step is to cut black mat board and mount. Add a copper wire for hanging. I'll post a photo when Discover, Travel, Journey is complete. This is my homage to Tracey and Frank's marriage, truly happy and filled with travels, journey's and discoveries. We should all be so lucky!


  1. What a perfectly lovely gift Susan, lucky friend of yours!

    I enjoyed reading your process and hey, I have that Embellie book you're working out of. I'd like to try that wire and bead trick. Just had a friend over today, we were altering some cutlery, but I really need to put that stuff away soon, it has invaded for dining table!

  2. This is just too gorgeous Susan! Love the combination of beads, fibres with collage and mixed media the choice of colours and I'm sure your friend is just going to love it!

  3. I'm going to have to pick this book up lol , and I am totally enjoying your blog and your wonderful art. Consider yourself bookmarked. :)
    And that playlist is pretty cool , too.

  4. O.k., 3rd time is the charm. Tried writing you a comment 3 times now. Lets see if this one works. Here it is!

    OMG! (Tanner and Kevin tought me that) Yes, I am behind the times.
    Is that beautiful piece of art for me? You are truly a talented artist and I feel honored and blessed to have you as such a good friend (even before we knew you had talent!) Can't wait to see you you.
    and Thank you, you have made my week.

  5. Hi Susan - I'm a member of the Art Techniques group as well. That was the first challenge I had ever participated in *Creative Embellishments). I've been wrapping chenille pipe cleaners ever since! LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE how your project here turned out. Nice step-by-step guide as well.

  6. This is just beautiful, and I love love love the colors. Your work is quite inspiring.....I will add you to my blogroll. Come by and visit~