Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birds of Sadness Happily Finished

"Birds of Sadness" is quite happily completed. I added little birds with tears to the front and words, glitter and Iridescent UTEE to the sides of the canvas.

This last photo really shows the colors well, I just hate that flash reflection on the flower.

So there you have it. While struggling with issues, we can all hope to "prevent birds of sadness from building nests in our hair." Unfortunately I have a nest in mine as we speak. Therefore I have immersed myself in cleaning, cooking and art this weekend. Along with finishing this canvas, I did some glueing on my 9 ATC's based on a White Stripes song. I also came up with another idea for my Yankees canvas. It will be a one of. I was originally going to do a series of three, but I really can't face it right now. Instead of giving it as a gift, as it was originally intended, I will most likely open an etsy shop and sell the darn thing. Nuff said.
Anybody got any etsy advice? I'm not a prolific creator, so maybe etsy is not the best venue for me??
Changed my header again. This time I used my Photoshop Elements and layered for the first time. Layering virgin no more. I dropped the celtic quote, although it was very true in my case, I think it may have carried some really bad juju into my current love life!!


  1. "Birds of Sadness" is very moving. i have a fondness for bluebirds, although i rarely see them around here. i try to keep the birdies out of my own hair, but for some reason this week has been stressful... trying not to get myself down. hang in there! you are a wonderful artist, so take comfort in that. by the way, your daughter is a very beautiful young lady! oh, to be that age again... if only i could go back to that age, yet retain the wisdom of my years so i wouldn't make the same mistakes! to bad it doesn't work that way.

    -Roberta ;-)

  2. Susan~this turned out beautiful. Where will you hang it? And, I like your new header, and ask you to give me a heads up on how to layer~as I have not tried yet...and really want to ;)