Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking Flight

I received a wonderful surpise in the mail from my Soul Sister, Diane. On a day in a week of a month that has drained my creative spirit, I opened a package with Kelly Rae Roberts' new book, "Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings".

It is a lovely book full of great writing, beautiful artwork and creative techniques. The loveliest part of the package was Diane's sentiment :
To my inspirational friend, Susan. It is YOU who helped start my wings to grow."

Who's the blessed one in the room tonight? yeah, that would be me. Thank you, Diane, for your friendship, advice given with love, and plucky, humorous, Texas arty attitude!! Visit Diane's blog to see her stunning jewelry. Speaking of which, I am sending her something I own that I want her to have. This is a decorative planter I purchased years ago from my friend, Tracey, who was having home parties selling Southern Living products.

I have earrings Diane has made for me displayed on the bottom and some charms I bought from Sally Jean on the fenceposts. Diane has her jewelry displayed in several shops and I thought this would be a fabulous way to show her Mexican Calendar Girl jewelry (which I covet most covetously). Anyhoo, I'm including some different fabrics to cover the styrofoam block which seemed the most "mexican" to me. I hope she likes it to use as a display. If not she could always put a plant in it and hang in on the RV wall. wink wink.
Keeping the Taking Flight theme going...... I'm taking flight to Art and Soul Hampton ,Virgina 2009!!

The workshops I signed up for:

LK Ludwig- Decorative Nature Journal

Traci Bunkers- Surreal Uber Paintings

Leighanna Light- The Scarlet Onion- Adventures in Clay Texture and Design

Leslie Riley- How to Grow Wings

Sas Colby- The Transparent Book

The theme is "Rock and Roll" this year. That's got my wheels turning......already thinking about trades......

Sunday I spent most of the day organizing stamps. I started with a safety eyeglass briefcase from my real life.......

Stamped the bottom papers, and voila , organization. I have another one to fill, and lots and lots more that are unmounted but stuck to binders.....it's a sickness, folks, and I don't want a cure....

How awesome is that, must maintain....must maintain.....


  1. Love that suitcase to store your favorite rubberstamps!

  2. What a sweet post *ahhhhh* and I am excited about my new display piece comin' in the mail. Uhha...yes I am. =)
    I love your new stamp storage boxes! How clever is that!!