Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ode to a High School Freshman

I spent 8 hours last Sunday cleaning my daughter's bedroom. It was Art of a different kind, the Art of organization!! I hadn't REALLY cleaned her room in about 3 years. So on the eve of her entering high school, I decided that the kid games, air brush tattoos, Hogwarts plastic thing, Cinderella bank, elementary school books, etc had to leave her wardrobes to make way for hoodies, tight leg jeans and tank tops.

I threw out a lot of trash:

Took toys out of the wardrobes:
Washed all the clothes on the floor, folded them and put them in the now empty wardrobes:
That's Ikea furniture. Looks like a store display doesn't it. Unfortunately, that won't last long.
Room now for teenage books. Boxed up all the childhood memories books, and gave a lot away with the toys.

And what girls bedroom is complete without Teen Vogue and Napolean Dynamite? Although, I think SuperBad is the new Napolean Dynamite. Or that could be so last week, IDK.

Her makeup shelves were the most fun to organize. I used drawer spice rack thingys.
And here is my soon to be 15 year old, high school freshman on her first day:
As to real Art, that involves paint and other costly supplies, I have been working on the Birds of Sadness canvas. I used a black Charcoal pencil to accentuate the quote and am going to add 2 or 3 little birds to the right side of the canvas. Not enough new to photo and share. Probably by early next week. Stay tuned.......xo

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  1. Susan~you have been working hard! Cleaning and re-vamping Sam's life for HS. She is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Did she wear shorts for her first day of school? OMGoodness...If so I am far away from shcool life~