Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet Forgiveness

This ATC size canvas is for Lorri from Australia. Check out Lorri's blog, her work is phenom. We are doing an ATC trade, as soon as I can decide which ones to send her! You will understand the significance of the spoons when you read her blog.
Stretched canvas with tissue, acrylics, stamps,Goldens soft gel, antique tin spoon, doily, chalk pencil, sticker corners, rub n buff, vintage jewelry rose, and Judikins DG3 Art Gel in the bowl of the spoon. I was happily surprised to see the heart shaped center the couple made around the spoon handle. The couple is from a tissue collage sheet from Blackberry Designs. Be very careful before you visit thier site. I spent an unbelievably large amount of money there last year!! Love their variety.

Sweet Forgiveness

Sweet Forgiveness, that's what you give to me.

When you hold me close,

And you say: "That's all over."

You don't go looking back,

You don't hold the cards to stack.

'Cause you mean what you say.

Sweet forgiveness, you help me see.

I'm not near as bad,

As I sometimes appear to be.

When you hold me close,

And you say: "That's all over,

"And I still love you."

There's no way that I could make up,

For those angry words I said.

Sometimes it gets to hurting,

And the pain goes to my head.

Sweet forgiveness, dear God above.

I say we all deserve,

A taste of this kind of love.

Someone who'll hold our hand,

And whisper: "I understand,

"And I still love you."

Performed by Blues Goddess Susan Tedeschi.


  1. thanks for the tip and links. i will check them out.

  2. Oh My Goodness Susan!! I don't know what to say - except a big huge thank you!!!! It's absolutely awesome, so beautiful and so significant too. The poem touched me, as it's really something I'm having a lot of trouble with - so thank you thank you thank you. You are amazing, and inspire me with your beautiful art - to have you do this for little old me a million miles away, is truly special.