Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cards

Had to take some vacation time before I lost it, so I'm off until Monday! Looking forward to wrapping, mailing Christmas Cards, and finishing up the presents for my family. Throw in an upcoming Blues concert and viewing the newly released on DVD, Harry Potter and Star Trek movies and I am one happy vacationer. I have less than 20 cards to make so why did it take all day?? In an effort to make some life changes, one of which is to get organized, I had a carpenter come out today and he is building my kitties a poo poo palace. I have 2 cats and their poo stinks, they don't actually cover it with the litter, they toss the litter out of the box onto the carpet. I have had the litter in bathrooms and in my art room and it's all been a disaster. For the longest time now the litter has been in my beautiful powder room that I worked so hard to decorate. I faux painted the walls, got a new toilet and floor. So this is my not so lovely powder room:
And these are the doors I painted and got those cool twig handles for :
But they are not even attached, thanks to the litter box. So I decided to use this space:
And add this:

The hole was supposed to be smaller and higher up on the wall so the kitties can't kick the litter out. But I went to get a litter box, came back and this is what I found on returning: hole was cut. So I'm going with the flow. Here is how the drawer works:

There will be heavy plastic that hangs from the top and molding all around that I will eventually paint white. I'm not going to let myself regret doing this. Tell me it doesn't look terrible please!!! please!!! It cost very little and will streamline the whole poo thing. I'm looking to simplify!! Tomorrow I will post pics of the finished poo poo palace.
Speaking of Simplifying, since my birthday, Dec. 3, I have NOT SMOKED!!! Think of the money I have saved and the extra time I just bought on this planet!! For some reason this bday triggered a desire for positive change. Quitting cigarettes is VERY VERY HARD. WAAAAAAH. I know, I know, it's worth it. So I'm cleaning the inside and outside. teehee. Streamlining in the house, which will be an ongoing project and taking responsibility for my health. I guess I grew up with this last birthday, dammit. I hate when that happens. teehee. My friend PaulaBeth from Barn Owl Studios sent me a wise and beautiful canvas for my birthday, "Speak Your Truth":

I love it Beth, thank you so very much. xoSusan


  1. the poo poo palace is a great idea. It's the one reason I won't have cats in the house, but this looks like it will work. And yeah your art room will be all yours.
    So proud of you. It's a big deal you taking charge. Go Susan!


  2. Love the atc's . . . love the kitty room . . . love the heart your friend sent . . . when is your birthday????!!! Happy wishes for the best ever!

  3. Wowie ! Loving the emotional bleeder atc especially...know something of that myself...

    What a brilliant idea with the poo palace! I think that should be an option in new home construction !

    I quit smoking one year and 5 1/2 months ago (after 20 years of smoking !). One of the hardest things I have ever done and yet the quitting part is so simple - just say no over and over again until the in-between cravings time becomes more bearable. After all this time I am so very proud of myself. Makes me realize it is true how they say you can do whatever you set your mind (and I think your heart) to do.
    Growing up isn't so bad as long as you remember to have those completely childish and perfectly child-like moments every once in a while...
    Happy belated birthday, you awesome creature you !

  4. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Month dear Sag!!!
    Hope your birthday was full of lovely surprises and that you are still celebrating!!! ... I'm 5 Dec :)
    Congrats on stopping smoking .... that's Wonderful! You go girl!!!
    Loving all of your heartwork, there is so much depth and feeling in each and every creation!
    Happy December!!!

  5. I missed your birthday! I'm so sorry! Happy Happy Birthday late! I so would have done a special birthday dance or something (carefully typing out a description of my tricky dance steps).

    What undertakings you have goin' on and nearly done woman! Wow, you're a busy girl! Love the powder room door handles especially. We're getting ready to re-do the walls and floors - new tile and new paint in our bathroom and kitchen. Uhhhh, I dread it. I just painted most of the house and I am so sick of painting. But this is about you and I am impressed with all you have finished here!