Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After Christmas My Muse Came To Me

The day after Christmas I finished several and created several new ATC's. The first one you've seen the background already, but now it's complete with the words.
Treachery and Violence:

The next is a VERY non perfect attempt at doing a transfer with alcohol spray and an inkjet image printed on Apollo Transparency 7039. Yes, this was before I ACCEPTED that this technique would not work on top of acrylic paint. I KNEW this, you see, but I hadn't yet ACCEPTED that fact. teehee. Remember my definition of insanity??? go back a few posts. Read. Learn. Do Not Make Same Mistake. teehee. So the transfer is patchy, but I like that the image looks ancient, therefore the title, Always and Forever:

I used some old scrapbooking border stickers and gold embossing powder also. Substrate is a vintage page of Wuthering Heights mounted on a baseball card.

The next is kind of quirky, but I bet you have felt this way too. I was inspired by an experience I had the Wednesday before Christmas. I was driving out of the parking lot of the grocery store, having just picked up the fruit tart for Christmas Eve. I stopped at the crosswalk in front of the store. Looked both ways. No one coming either way. I proceeded to drive. A man steps out between 2 cars that were parked farther down in front of the grocery store, NoWhere near the crosswalk. He starts yelling at me, There's a stop sign, Your supposed to Stop, over and over. And I mean Red in the Face, scarey yelling. Yes, I almost hit him. I didn't see his Stupid Ass. I drove away stunned at my close call and stunned at his bizarre reaction. Every year I remind myself that there are A LOT of people who don't usually Leave Thier House that Have To during the holidays and that these people Speak and Drive. We must be on HIGH ALERT in case we Encounter one of these Aliens.

Here is "Species":

That one was fun. The next is a set using the "Hot Topic" Rubber Half Sheet I purchased from Michelle Ward. I used scrapbook paper over baseball card substrate, gold embossing powder and vintage words from Wuthering Heights. That book is so perfectly written, such emotional words within it's Genius. One of my favorite books of all time.

"Crown of Wishes":

The face is from my Medieval Workshop. I then did an alcohol transfer from an inkjet image printed on an Apollo 7039 transparency. I ADORE this rubber set. Get used to seeing A Lot of it. teehee. I can't wait to participate in Michelle's monthly Creativity Crusades, starting again in January. The next ATC uses the same materials and techniques.

"See Through":

Boy, I'm really proud of these, if I do say so myself! I think they are among my all time favs. The last uses the words cut from a vintage book, and the wisdom of none other than Professor Dumbledore of Harry Potter. Again, same materials and techniques used.

"Do Not Dwell In Dreams":
And in Homage to the Enormous Amounts of Snow we had here and to paraphrase Buddy Guy's song "Stone Crazy" is the last ATC, "Where The Weather Suits My Clothes" :

I'm glad the muse struck yesterday, cuz today a sore throat and earache struck!! At least it waited till after Christmas! off to take Tylenol and Gargle. xoSusan


  1. these all rock! what fun- and i know what you mean about being glad to have ms. muse show up. btw- if you haven't, you must see it might get loud- jimmy page, the edge & jack white talking about & playing guitar. and check out dead weather ( the latest j.w. project). happy holidays!

  2. Wow! Love everything, Susan! I'm pea green with envy, since I haven't had any studio time in weeks. I'm dying to have even an hour of playtime!!! So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Looks like some nice hot chicken soup is in your future. Am sending healing vibes your way. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Fabulous ATC's Susan! Hope that you get to feeling better soon.


  4. My gosh, Susan, when your muse strikes, she don't mess around ! Wowza ! I love the cards and also the stories around them - what is it with this species some times ??? Have to say, I am feeling "where the weather suits my clothes" but also wishing I had a body like that to put some clothes on ! ;)
    Hope you are feeling better quick - My muse and I are coasting through the holidays and waiting for that quiet of the first week of January to strike, I think !
    Big love to ya !

  5. Totally awesome stuff - send that muse my way. I'm in serious need of someone else's muse 'cause mine done run away.

    I like the last one the best - that song was in Urban Cowboy. Love it!

    You're brilliant woman!

    Kathy No Blog

  6. Okay - duh! I meant Midnight Cowboy. Not only has the muse abandoned me so has my mind......sigh......

    Kathy No Blog Again