Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art and Soul Retreat : Hampton, Va 2008

I'm so looking forward to A & S Virginia 2008. Here are the classes I'm enrolled in:
  • Wednesday - Opening Night Party- woohoo-new friends, trades, Ranger demo, food and wine!
  • Thursday - Opulent Patterns & the Cross Structure Book - Albie Smith
  • Thursday Eve- Beeswax ATC - Barbara Mcguire
  • Friday - Vintage Metal Treasure Deck - Leighanna Light
  • Friday Eve- Mica Cover: Herring-Bone Binding - Daniel Essig
  • Saturday - collapse and regroup
  • Saturday night - Vendor night- buy stuff, lots of stuff
  • Sunday - Bound Art - Albie Smith
  • Sunday Eve - Tin Souls - Kathy Wasilewski
  • Monday - Painterly Portrait Books - Anne Grgich

After typing this up, I realize I am insane!!! I WILL come home a better artist, if I have any brain cells left! There will be the secret thingy to alter, and I've signed up for an all original Fatbook! (Forty 4x4 pages of original art- no photocopies- gasp) There will be lots of trades to make! I haven't decided what I'm making yet. I've already given away most of my moo cards, so I'll have to order more next spring. Can't Wait!!!!!

Here is a photo from Virgina Art and Soul Retreat 2007. "Solving the Composition Cunundrum with Claudine Hellmuth " was one of my favorite classes. I can't say mine is quite solved yet, but is at least more evolved due to Claudine's charm and teaching skills.

These next photos are the house I received to alter from A & S because I was enrolled in two full days of workshops. Last year's theme was At Home with Art and Soul, therefore the house! When I opened the package containing the house, I immediately thought of one of my favorite childhood books, Mandy, written by Julie Edwards. Julie Edwards is really Julie Andrews (Maria) from The Sound of Music! I was delighted to discover that fact as a child. Anyhoo, the story is about an orphan who finds a secret cottage in the woods and makes it her own. Which is exactly what I attempted to do with my little cottage.

Top of house. I found this perfect little bird with metal feet at my local antique store.

There is an ATC adhered with brads, embellished with torn papers, beads, and tiny shells.

Opposite side has script from book printed on transparency, wedged between mica sheets and adhered with brads. Real shells, feather, handmade papers.

Front door handles with red starfish, shells, molding paste, sand, glitter. Roof is a nest from moss with tiny shells glued in. Egg painted and reads "there's no place like home".

Butterfly "orphan" with rose. This is actually a pic of me at 4 years old on Mother's Day, offering my mom a rose set in plaster made in Sunday school. Yes, it still sits on her dresser top. Dress made of tissue with tiny shells and glitter applied. Shells and broken egg shells on roof. Inside I made a bed of moss and placed a tiny heart shaped frame with a picture of my baby daughter in it. I'm a beginner here at altering 3D pieces and am basically pleased with the outcome. This looks a little too "crafty" to me, compared with the other participants work. I'm certainly hoping to improve this time around. The theme for Art and Soul this year is "By the Sea" so I can't imagine what we'll be getting to alter. A seashell, perhaps?Lighthouse?Sailboat?

Please share any classes you are taking next year at A&S, I'd love to meet you and see your art in person!

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