Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shadow Box Sneak Peak

This project has been one of constant trial and error! I have it all planned out in my head, but in reality it's not going smoothly! First error: painted the box with a black craft paint I had laying around. Poor Quality alert! I'm spoiled by my Goldens! I have been trying the Use What I Have philosophy, which keeps costs down, but I'm up to 3 coats of paint. I have to soft gel between coats or the next coat of paint wipes off the previous. Ok, enough about that. I scanned my sister's playbill. I'm using the top of the playbill, with the date, for the top inside, and the background with just the title. I found an awesome portrait of Johnny Depp with the scissor hands on but not the makeup on his face. I've printed that on a transparency and my plan is to do a soft gel transfer on the glass front. I've lightened it up considerably, going for a ghost image. I've never done a transfer to glass and I'm a little nervous. Before laying down the background image I applied Judikins Microglaze to protect the inkjet copy. I used Semi-gloss HP photo paper. I buffed the Microglaze and had over applied, so there was a lot of buffing going on. When the directions state use sparingly, they are not kidding! I had to do this process twice, the first time I adhered the background with soft gel and it buckled. The second time I adhered it with Yes paste and it looks perfect, no lumps. That's all I have for now on this project. I have to find 3 gears, small, medium and large. I wanted real ones but may have to settle for making them out of cardboard. I don't think I have time to hit the antique/junk stores before Christmas!

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