Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ballerina, Edward Scissorhands, and What Remains

Remember this canvas I made for my sister for Christmas??
Here was her reaction!!!
And that is her impressed fiance, Tony, who is sitting next to my Mom. I thinks she likes it! We are going out frame shopping together real soon.

Remember this?

Here is my friend, Spoon's, reaction :
Just kidding! She's gonna get me for this! She was actually very happy with her gift!

I wasn't able to get a pic of Deb opening her shadow box, but here is a pic of my sisters Linda and Deb on Christmas Day:

And here are the steps I used to create Deb's Edward Scissorhands Shadow Box:
If you look at my previous post, Shadow box Sneak peak, you will be up to date with the trials and tribulations concerning this project! Then came another problem. Why I thought Tulip Cool Color Sprays would show up over top acrylic paint, I'll never know! The photo above is right after spraying. When the spray dried there was no color evident, but there were cool looking water spots remaining. So the next step was to use a trusty tooth brush and splatter my acrylics. I used cobalt, purple and lilac. Final splatter was done with white gesso I allowed to sit and thicken up a bit. I'm pleased with the snow effect.
I mounted a bookplate on the cover with glue. I filled the holes in with black puff paint to look like screw heads. I inserted a photo of Johnny Depp's signature from a photo Deb took in California. The photo also showed Johnny's hand and boot prints. I'll be using those later.
At this point the outside of the box is complete. Now to fill it up! Besides the pic of Johnny' s star in Hollywood, Deb gave me two dog tag necklaces, a photo of her dressed up as Edward Scissorhands, the playbill, and ticket from the play. I used the cover of the playbill as the inside background, and the portion of the playbill featuring the venue and date for the inside top. I don't have tools to cut metal, so I fashioned some gears out of cardboard. If you remember the movie, you'll remember seeing lots of machinery inside the mansion where Edward was being "crafted".

Gesso'd some cardboard and used an image of gears from my stash. Cut out with Xacto on a self healing mat.

Aged the gears with black stazon after painting with pewter Lumiere paint. Here I am trying to figure out how to display the dog tags from the gears. Digging through my supplies I found the perfect brads. They have a loop hanging from them, for want of a better description.

Added the tags with jump rings. She can remove them and still wear them whenever she wants.

For the floor, I used a foam checkerboard stamp, black stazon ink and Ranger Distress powder. I must digress here and say that I don't get this embossing powder. I understand after embossing you let it cool, then rub off the crystals, after which a rough texture remains. This does not happen for me. I usually end up rubbing off all the crytals. I guess I'm using the wrong ink? I emboss with stazon all the time and it works well. Comments??Advice??

And now for something completely different! I forgot to recap the Tulip spray and whoops! Well, when life gives you a spill, add it to paper! And so I did!
Couldn't resist adding some scratches and stamps! Now back to the shadow box!
I scanned and altered Deb's photo using Photoshop Elements. I think I posterized and added a sumi filter, but I couldn't say for sure. I edged the photo with black Sharpie. I glued a cardboard fold to the back so the image would stand up in the box.

I printed out "The Story of an uncommonly gentle man" and sliced the edges of the paper. I adhered a scan of the ticket stub and images of Johnny's boots and handprints to the side of the shadow box.
In the above photo you can see the words, ticket, and boot prints.

Here you see the transparency of JD on the cover glass, and the gears glued in.
. Best shot I could get with the glass door closed. Deb is very pleased with it! What more could a girl want? Except for Johnny Depp in the flesh, of course!


  1. OMG!!! Beautiful work Susan! I think your sister is so very lucky!!! What a wonderful gift. I was able to see Sweeney Todd over the weekend and I am just so in love I want to see it again and again :)

    xoxo Jillian

    PS: "Broken" is on its way to you :)

  2. Well, Yes!! I am lucky, to have a sister so extremely talented, I only hope she realizes that!! I absolutely love my Edward Scissorhands shadowbox, it is of course the quality I have come to expect from Susan, the very best!!I gave her some things I had collected and she ran with it, creating a most memorable treasure....much like... Edwards' very creator.............

  3. What a fun and informative post this is!!! Such recipients of your Art Susan!!! The pics are priceless! I am blown away by your process for EScissorhands! Beautiful work!!
    Happy Happy New Year, it should come in better than it's going out = no more jaw pain for you hopefully!

  4. Susan - I love this! Too cool! Your blog is awesome! Thanks for visiting mine. Marva