Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Birthday Month

I celebrated my 45th birthday with my BFF, Grace, at her home in Pennsylvania. Our last trip out was in August for the Corn Festival. While there I looked in all the booths for a birdfeeder. None caught my eye, as they were all tooooooo "country" for my taste. Well, best friends listen when we talk!! Grace gave me this perfect pottery birdfeeder for my birthday! I love the colors. Inside there is a clear plastic tube to hold the seeds. There is no marking on the bottom and I forgot to ask her where she got it, so I can't offer any info about that. Hanging above it on my tree is one of my favorite ornaments purchased at Longwood Gardens. I also have a topiary pointsetta tree, a golden St. Nick, a basket of yellow flowers, a boysenberry, and a dragonfly glass ornament from thier shop. I stopped buying the live potted rosemary trees, because I always kill them. So now I stick with glass flowers! My family is planning an upcoming trip there for the holidays. The lights and fountains are so beautiful at night. Visiting Longwood gets me in the Christmas Spirit! I have had no time for Art, which is like having no time to breathe, but I have been enjoying perusing my yahoo art groups when I get a moment or two.
P.S. The quilted tree skirt was handcrafted by my very talented Mom.

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  1. Your new bird feeder sure is pretty, I've never seen such an array of colors! Next time you're out Longwood Gardens way you may want to check out Chanticleer Gardens, if you haven't been there already. It's a small garden, but really lovely and special! Happy Birthday Month to you!!! Enjoy * Enjoy!