Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fish Be Finished

Struck down by strep throat since Thursday. Bored out of my mind. Today is the first day I trusted myself to handle gel medium! Time crunch now, clothes cleaned and mentally packed for Art and Soul, collage papers gathered, each classes supplies in seperate ziplocs, main tool kit almost gathered. Antibiotics doing their thing. I hope. Here is a pic gel mediuming the chenille stem onto fish:

Here is the presentation I chose, a black easel purchased at Micheal's.

Here is view of fibers with my moo cards attached:
Here is a head view angle of fish:

And last, a photo on black:
I am really looking forward to meeting three of my blogging friends in person! I made up cigar box gifts for them. Each has vintage stamps, an Italian mini clothes pin, an ATC size stretched canvas, a beachy tag , two of my handmade ATC's, and a cork with one of my moo cards stuck in it. I recycled the Art and Soul shell and blue shred packaging. I hope they like them!

Thanks again for the kind comments and emails!


  1. SUSAN~YOUR fish is GORGEOUS!!! It is so colorful. What in the greatness is a moo card?
    btw...did you get your other little package yet? =)

  2. Susan...WOW! Your fish is FANTASTIC! I love the way that you added the bottle caps for the scales. It's obvious that you really put your "Art and Soul" into this piece!! It looks great!

  3. Can't wait until you get back from A&S and blog about your trip! Love the gifts you made :-)