Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Organized

In a mild panic today trying to get organized for Art and Soul. I think I'm there though, and here is the proof:[Photo] That box on the end holds my altered fish.[Photo] I have each class supply list in a zip loc bag along with the particular supplies needed for that class. Thanks to Kathy Was for her ziploc idea. Paints, stamps, gel mediums, metal bits, fibers, sharpies, ink, moo cards, heat dryer, wax iron, rubber gloves, apron, alcohol inks galore.[Photo]The big bag holds tons of collage papers, cutting mat, deli paper, notebook, my ATC's for show and tell, 2 large books to alter, no kitchen sink though! Tool kit below has brushes, foam brushes, scissors, collapsable water holder thingy, awls, x-actos, eyelet setter, bone folder, japanese screw punch, pencils, hammer, and more gloves. Just have to find a suitcase for all the loot. Clothes? yeah, I'm bringing them too, but they are really not a priority! Here's what I'll be missing about home next week: my daughter, and PT Barnum: [Photo][Photo]

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  1. OMGosh Susan, you are SO organized. If you're in a panic then I have no idea what shape I'm in! You blow me away Lady! And aren't you the generous one making up goodies. I have a little surprise for you as well ;)
    I know I'm supposed to be doing something important, but I have been sorting some of my beads into a nifty bead organizer box???