Monday, April 21, 2008

Marvelous Mail Call

I received a beautiful care package from my friend, Diane, in the mail yesterday. Diane is one of the many wonderful artists it's been my privilege to get to know via blogland. We are so excited to be able to meet in person at Art and Soul! In appreciation for driving her box of supplies to Virginia, (Diane is flying) she sent me these stunning earrings, that are so me!!!! Here is a pic of their lovely presentation:

And here is a closeup:
Aren't they the bomb diggity??? I can't wait to wear them to the opening night party at A and S. She also sent me a key for my Tin Souls class:
Visit Diane's esty shop to see more of her artful creations! Thank you, Diane, for your friendship and generosity!


  1. The bomb diggity -- I love that. I'll be stealing the term, just so you know!

    And I'll know you by your earrings at opening night. So looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Susan! How sweet of a thank you is this? I am so happy you love your earrings. Those czech crystals (little spotted ones) are just the coolest I had seen. I love them because they almost look animal-printish. Then the dark bronze colored ones are so cool~I always sell anything I use them in.
    And, I knew you'd like the key! Great isn't it?
    Thank you again for hauling my box. I can't wait to meet you. A&S will be so much fun~first Opening Night, and then Albie's class on Thursday, and THEN the very last class on Monday ~ with the great Anne G.
    This time next week we will have stars in our eyes for sure!