Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blogging Mingles Souls

Added a vintage postcard and a vintage beach themed jewelry find to my care packages for my blogging friends, Leslie, Patty and Diane. I added more vintage stamps relating to each artist, too.

Made up tags with a 1974 postage stamp as inspiration. The stamp reads "Letters Mingle Souls". Well, in my life "Blogging Mingles Souls" so there you have it.

Those cool tags are by making memories. They are called "clears" and this style is called Chelsea's Place. I used an inchie with an initial sticker and signed the back of course.

Wrapped em up in some fabric:

Ready to be hand delivered opening night at Art and Soul. 4 days and counting........


  1. I am really touched by your subject line = it's SO true! What a lot of goodies you've got packaged just perfectly = I can not wait for Thursday!

  2. OK, my body is back, but my mind.....where is my mind??? Wonderful seeing you Susan, wish we'd had more time to hang out. My cigar box is such a treasure trove, thank you for such a lot of neat stuff, including your handmade creations = so neat!!! oxo