Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let the Brainstorming Begin

I received my registration package from Art and Soul Retreats on Saturday. Here it is in all it's glory, complete with the "alterable" item.

Each instructor included a hand-made fish in the package. Here is a real beauty by Kathy Wasilewski :
And a pair from Albie Smith ( I am so excited to be taking 2 of her classes!):
And a textural treasure from Anne Grgich :
Here is a close-up of the alterable item and the Mermaid Mail stamps included in the package, you can see my wheels are already turning, with the addition of the bottle caps and wrapped chenille stems :
Here I am starting to brainstorm colors, using some fusion collage I did last year for inspiration.
More color choices, sequin waste, vintage wallpaper:
I'm digging the abalone buttons and the crystal fish eye!

This has the potential to turn into a major project, just wish I had more time to give it the attention it deserves. Maybe I should call in sick for a few days......


  1. Calling in sick sounds like a good idea! Work always seems to get in the way of the artwork doesn't it? (smiles)

  2. Look at YOU! Lordy, I haven't done anything for A&S yet. I did this last year and it all turned out fine, but I swore I would not be a last minute lucy again. Love what you've created! Your blog posts are so nicely done too! I just visited LLight's blog and saw pics of the metal deck, gives me a better idea of what extras to bring. That should be lots of fun! You're in that one too right???

  3. Hey, Susan, you are going after it aren't you? Yes, I loved all the colorful fish I got in my package. Haven't got a clue on what to do yet. Hey, how did you do the fused collage? Is that the wrapped piece on the bottom of the fish? If you could e-mail me, that would be great!

  4. You go girl! Boy, you don't waste any time getting creative, do you!

  5. You are really on the ball, Susan. How exciting! Faye