Friday, June 12, 2009

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

POST 197.....almost to the 200th!!!!

Okay. I'm gonna go with The Bad and The Ugly first. I am crazy for Purell transfers. Yes, that is the hand sanitizer Purell I am talking about, whose main ingredient is what class??? alcohol, you got it.

Purell + injet ink + Apollo transparencies = Kick Ass Transfers.

In order for this equation to work though, you must:

  • Use Purell, doesn't matter if it has Aloe in it

  • Use Apollo Transparency for Inkjet printers item CG7031S

  • Use a substrate that is not sealed with gel medium, otherwise the substrate will not absorb the ink which has been pulled off the transparency by the Purell, (if it works for you sealed let me know please)

Have your substrate ready, mine is usually some type of paper usually scrapbook, my homeade stuff, watercolor paper, book pages or an inkjet image. Pay Attention To This: if you are going to do a transfer onto another ink jet image, the purell is wet, right??? so the ink on the substrate will change colors and may get blurry. At least that's what happens to me. I could be a freak of nature, but that is a subject for another post. teehee. So Bullet 3 says your substrate can't be sealed, right? So what's a girl to do. I'll tell you, after teeth knashing and pulling out of hair, I have discovered THE ANSWER. It's called PYM II. Follow directions. Spray ink jet image. Let dry. Do transfer. Do Happy Dance. Underlying ink is sealed but it will Still Recieve The Transfer. Isn't that a beautiful thing. I have saved you crooked teeth and bald spots. I'm sorry I'm going on and on about this but it is Miraculous to me, when something works!!! Wait, should I be telling you this??? Now my work secrets will be out there in the universe, oh screw it, just don't tell anyone else, ok?? ok. Moving on.....Here are my Bad and Ugly attempts:

Above have either not enough or too much Purell, and too much or not enough burnishing. Print the image you want to transfer on the Apollo transparency. Let dry. Print it on the correct side, dummy. ok. On the substrate, (above samples are inkjet images, so they have been Pym II'd.)Lay 2 layers of Purell. The first one seems to get sucked into the paper. Then go over it again. Trust me if you don't do it twice the ink will not transfer. It seems like too much, but it's not. Unless it is, and then it will look like that middle bottom one. You will get it, just takes A LOT of trial and error. Lay image to be transfered on top of the Purell schmear. Let the Purell start to suck in the ink. There is very LITTLE need to burnish unless a part of the image is not transfering. After about 2 minutes, (if you get up to pee and then get sidetracked by your teenager, you will get the middle top results which means the transparency piece DRIED to the Purell and when I went to lift it up EVERYTHING came off, damn it all to hell, this is a quick process) lift up the transfer a little from an edge and peek. If there is a part not transfering burnish it lightly with your bone folder thingy. Sometimes I have even dabbed a little bit of Purell in a bald spot and been able to save the transfer. Once you are satisfied that all has been transferred lift off transparency piece, which will now be mostly clear of ink. Hopefully, anyway. Let the transfer dry. If you can use a light hand you can wipe off some areas that have Purell but no ink if you were a little sloppy. HERE IS THE BEST TIP EVER!!! I noticed that you can use the Purell like an ERASER, kinda. If some of the ink has blobbed in the wrong place, dab a little Purell on it, and wipe with a tissue. It comes off most of the time. AMAZING. Again, this has saved several of my transfers. You may ask yourself, gee, why doesn't Susan just use gel medium and paper, it's probably cheaper than those Apollo transparencies. Because WAITING and RUBBING all that paper off makes me want to STICK FORKS IN MY EYES. capice??? So here are some successes:

Love these guys! I had about 12 failed attempts the night these 7 turned out. There is a lesson in there somewhere, and I hope it's just not Life Sucks. teehee. Any questions? Feel free to ask and I will pretend to know ALL the answers. I must sign off, heading to MD for those Fred B. Mullet workshops, my treat to myself for 2009. xoSusan


  1. Thanks for the tute. Got excited but then a bit sad cos we can't get Apollo here. Oh well, there's always internet shopping I guess.

  2. You managed to make me laugh out loud on a day when I didn't think that was possible. Awesome post and blog. Love, Jamie

  3. Great info! and work!

    I am just learning about the purell transfers. After you transfer and complete your work, can you still seal the images? What works best as a sealant...without a chemical reaction?? LOL


  4. OMG Say it isn't so...there is another woman out there who feels my pain? Walks in my shoes?? That life manages to "get" as often as it "gets" me??

    You poor, poor dear.

    I'm convinced there must be a special place in Heaven for us...and until we get there, we have mixed media art. I tripped across your blog this morning and wondered if one of my personalities was keeping a blog and not telling me about it. That's how I feel about your blog! We have way too much in common - it is scary. I need to make sure you aren't one of my "alter" personalities. ;)

    Great post - I'm going to embark on this method later today. Curious, tho - do you know about the Yahoo Inkjet Transfer group run by one of my personal idols, Lesley Riley? I'd be interested to know if you're a member.

    Anyway, send me a note - I'd love to chat with you. I have a couple of questions I'd love to throw around with you, if you don't mind. Fantastic art, great blog, and interesting post. So glad you shared! I'm off to check out more of your's awesome! xx


    (Blogger hates life this morning and wouldn't let me post as me...sorry)