Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two Fun ATC's

First is a male rendition of my "Stand A Little Less Between Me and The Sun" ATC. Purell transfer from an Apollo Transparancy, (which I am out of and having Serious Withdrawal from), scrapbook paper, stamping, chalk, ink, Dymo words, embossing powder.

I messed up the line from his eye to the planet. My gel pen was not cooperating, I am SO PISSED. The other lines are perfect. What does one do in this situation? Should I scrap him and start over? What do you do when you have an oopsie? Give me some advice, here. Is there a way I can fix that? The gel is not thick enough to scrap off with my xacto knife.

Next one uses a background I posted about previously. Tissue paper from my favorite store, Torrid, vintage sewing pattern, old map, lips from a Torrid clothing tag.

Remember when Snapple beverages had Facts on the underside of the bottle caps? Well, my daughter, who was probably 11 at the time, started saving them. This quote cracked us both up and we never forgot it. I knew one day it would pop up on an ATC. Those shiny lips were the inspiration I needed. xoSusan


  1. Now if you hadn't pointed out your slightly crooked line I would never have noticed. It looks fine and I think I would just leave it. But it will probably annoy the heck out of you, maybe a small stip of tiny wording? Love , love your lips ATC. I can remember reading that bit of info once and being horrified.

  2. Okay, has it not sunk in yet that imperfections are what makes art more perfect? I only get told that about 10,000 times when I point out the same kinds of things in my work. Seriously though, I too would not have thought twice about this little line and didn't realize it wasn't on purpose until you mentioned it. In this situation, I try to listen to others tell me it doesn't stand out (like the zit you think is huge on the end of your nose and your best friend and your mom try to convince you it is not as noticeable as you think) and sometimes it works and sometimes I just go crazy until I can rework it. I'd just sit with it a day or two and see if it drives you nuts. (but my real advice is to not let it - it really, really, really isn't a zit on the end or your nose)

    Now, I have to say, I am totally fascinated with this idea of 6 lbs of lipstick. Wow. Now I want to find more interesting tidbits like that cuz I love knowing that stuff! It comes in handy in odd silences at parties - they can be real conversation starters!

    I love both pieces and you are a very talented lady! Sorry to write a book here. You just got me all amped up and excited!

    Have a great creative week!

  3. I agree on the crooked line - sometimes we are our own worst critics!

    Thanks for Stevie Ray as June's muse... I so miss Stevie Ray. (sigh) By the way, sorry to hear about Koko Taylor. I thought of you the other day when I heard she passed. Great lady.

    You're a great artist (but don't let it go to your head!) - keep amusing us!