Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magnificent Mail

Look what my bitchin blogger babe friend PaulaBeth made for me:

Am I a lucky girl or what? There is tissue, beeswax, twisted wire and texture on canvas. I love it! Thank you so much PB. We did a trade and I think PB got the short end of the trade!! She sent me lovely rub ons, black paper to bleach with, ATC papers, fibers, an adorable angel tag and Ann Baldwin's Text and Texture DVD!!! What a generous, big hearted gal! We are sisters from another mother!!

But her artwork made especially for me is my absolute favorite part of her care package. PB and I are sharing art techniques and laughter. But most of all, she is teaching me some very valuable Life Lessons (hint hint PB, teehee) by sharing her hard won wisdom with me. Check out her blog with her new forays into mixed media art, Barn Owl Studio. Tell her her kindred spirit sister from the East Coast sent you. xoSusan


  1. You lucky girl you! This is beautiful! And so perfect for you (that heart's not broken!) I am off to visit her blog because you said to (and this is so lovely!) Enjoy! You deserve a care package every day because I said so!

  2. Ok here we go. Thank you Susan, and like I said, I in no way got the short end. It's even steven girlfiend. I agree with Marsha, but want to add, we ALL deserve a care pkg. everyday. I get mine through great blogging friends. Yeah, that's you.

    paulabeth or beth or pb, what ever.