Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Angel Images

First and Foremost, a BIG Thank You to everyone who has commented about my First Ever Journal Page. I am honored you visit and take the time to comment. Thank you!! The Muse is still kicking hard with no time to indulge her until Friday. Can't wait!! Marsha, I will pay attention to your astute "grass is always greener" comment and try to be grateful for the opportunities that I Do Have or at the very least, stop whining!! teehee.There is pressure Everywhere, no matter what choices we make. It must be very Bittersweet to have Art as your full time "job". I can so relate to needing that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. If the muse isn't kicking, there is no shame in seeing that pile of laundry dwindle down to nothing, and to check out the gunk that ends in the vacuum cleaner bag!! Keepin it Real, Marsha!!

Also thanks to Michelle Ward for commenting!! She is one Incredible Artist and I am honored that she stopped by to view my entry in her #34 Come Over To The Dark Side Crusade.
My new blog visitor, Hollie, asked about the Angel Image I used in an earlier ATC. These were originally purchased from a company called Queen of Tarts. I think. It was a long time ago. Because I can't find the company, sadly I think it is No More, I feel that it's ok for me to share these images. If anyone out there has information to the contrary please let me know and I will take the images down.

Also, Hello to Deanna and Georgia from Sunday's Lynne Perrella workshop. Georgia was kind enough to make our group aware that The Rubin Museum of Art in NYC is exhibiting Carl Jung's Red Book for the first time. You can find some excellent images here. Wonderful article here, titled "The Holy Grail of The Subconcious". Just reading about Carl Jung makes me all too aware of how little I do know....but I can See that my house is a mess and my kid needs to eat so I'll bid you a Concious Adieu....xoSusan


  1. I too remember when THE Michelle Ward commented on my blog on my first Crusade. She is so talented and generous and she is one cool Chick !
    Congrats on all the juicy stuff !

  2. Susan, thank you! I am extremely appreciative of you sharing the images. There are just some images that I'm so drawn to and that angel is one of them. There were a couple more, but I'm not going to be greedy! haha =] Thanks again, Susan. As of the first day I came here, I'm now an avid follower of your work. You've been bookmarked! =D


  3. Oh by the way, as a mental health therapist, seeing you link Carl Jung is super exciting for me! I'm glad there are people who appreciate what he has done as much as I do.