Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preparing To Make Preparations

I've spent some of today gathering images for the upcoming Medieval Workshop given by Lynne Perrella at The Ink Pad in NYC. I have 48 inkjet images printed out ready to go to my local copy center for laser copies. 48, you say, are you crazy???? Hey, I'd rather be overprepared and have plenty to share. I got some scrapbook paper, wrapping paper with a florentineish pattern and some of my handmade papers. Here's some highlights of the images I'm taking: First, the Ladies:

I love her hands in the last image. Next the Men are represented by thier Armor, not Ardor or Amour, how apropos, eh??? Feeling a little neglected tonight......:

Next, you gotta have castles and turrets:

Text and Manuscripts:

These images are all copyright free to the best of my knowledge and were gleaned from Karen's Whimsey, Dover or the NYPL digital collection. I am using all for personal use only. Here is the photo of the wrapping paper I purchased at a local "she she",teehee, shop:

I also purchased this stamp tile from The Stampsmith and have permission from the owner, Estelle to blog about it. She sends Rubber Hugs by the way.

So I think I'm pretty prepared, don't you?? Now because I am prepared, the morning of the workshop, I'll probably wake up paralyzed or throwing up or something. Isn't that always the way?? teehee. Wish me luck, Wish you were coming with. xoSusan


  1. Ohhhh . . . I wish I could come along too, Susan! You've assembled an awesome array of gorgeous renaissance ephemera. Thanks for giving us a peek at your gorgeous goodies. Have fun and tons of luck! Hugs, Terri

  2. Wow - you are definitely prepared, Susan ! What treasures you have found for this class. I am sure it will make the inspiration flow smoothly as you play with Lynn ! I was lucky enough to take a class with her and Anne Bagby in Mexcio a few years ago - The Ultimate Painted Page - you are in for a treat ! Lynne is very generous with her knowledge, her attention and her encouragement. Plus, she has such unbelievable talent, you just kind of absorb stuff being around her.
    Enjoy !

  3. Hi Susan we met yesterday during the class...I was the one who needs new bifocals. I love your blog and cant wait to see your finished piece Deanne

  4. Hi Deanne, So glad you've stopped by, it was wonderful to meet you! Let me know if you need any more advice about your new glasses. And I'll be posting finished pics, soon I hope. xoSusan