Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Must Read

I love to Read. I love words almost as much as paint. I consider myself an illustrator really, not an Artist, even tho I call myself one. I can't draw or sketch a realistic Anything. But I feel compelled to create collages or ATC's or canvases that Illustrate what certain words mean to me. I need to illustrate the way words make me feel. Almost everything I do with paint and paper is a form of personal journalling. Words don't instill connection with us unless the subject is something we can relate to, capice??? For someone who loves words sometimes I have a hell of a time finding the right ones to express myself with!! But I think you get my meaning. I found one of the BEST books I have ever read yesterday and was up until 5 am finishing it. The author is Joe Coomer and the book is "One Vacant Chair". The book is about an Artist who paints nothing but chairs. Ironically I bought a painting from Kelcey Loomer of Sweet Mess featuring a chair not long ago. Take a gander at it, its on my left sidebar. She did a whole series inspired by "Rest". The book is also about family, life, death, and it is often hilarious. I always have those little post it note tabs onhand and highlight brilliant metaphors, hilarious sequences, or insightful passages while reading. When I am done reading the book, I copy down all the tabbed words into a special notebook for future inspiration. I treasure this notebook as much as the quilt my beloved grandmother made for me. Yeah, that much. I don't have a journal anymore in which I list things that are happening to me in real life. I have had so much freakin dissapointment and it is really depressing to see it written down. I used to absolutely NEED to write specifics down. I had to either purge it or Start Keying Cars. Now I avoid it at all costs. I prefer to mosey through this notebook and see what words struck me and can judge my mental state that way, without any of the messy details of reality. I used to think I would let my daughter read my journals when she was 30 or had her first baby or even after I die. NO FREAKIN WAY. In the not so distant future I am going to burn them or glue them to canvas and paint over them. Let her make her own mistakes without knowing the scarey thoughts that were in my head when I was her age, or become intimate with all my absolutely ridiculously stupid errors in judgement about life. By life, I mean Men. teehee. Anyway, this book has the most tabs EVER:

Shot of the cover:

I'm going to share one of my tabbed selections:

"Her stockings hadn't shrunk as much as her calves had. Her hose were so twisted from knee to ankle that it seemed she was screwed into her shoes."

How hilarious is that. Come on, you've seen old ladies with this same affliction, just never described to you this way!!! Priceless.

And Another :

"The point of a pencil in contact with any surface contained the known and unknown universe."

Ok that's all the teasers you get. Go read it. Book reports due next Thursday. teehee. I really would love to know what you think of this book.
This last photo is a gratuitous close up of my first ever Gel Manicure. I got it last Wed for a mere 25 bucks, and it hasn't chipped or gouged. I am in love. I usually mess up my nails on the way home from Kim's Nails. Gel dries Hard in less than 10 minutes. The only down side is I have to use gloves when I create. I have a feeling I'll get sick of the color before it chips. I'm hiding from the trick or treators. All the lights except for the studio are out. I brought up snacks and diet pepsi, my library books. I feel like I am camping. teehee. Hope you have a fun Halloween night. xoSusan


  1. I'm glad you explained your nails,cause they look awesome. I was going to ask anyway.
    I probably won't read the book, but I'm happy you got so much enjoyment out of it. I can't quiet my mind long enough to read anymore. I'm too hyper. Maybe one of these days when things settle down (like that will ever happen.)
    Happy All Hallows Even


  2. i'm always looking for something to read, so thanks- can't wait. love the notebook idea- i'm always sure i will remember things, but NO i don't. love the nail color-

  3. I, too, can relate to the "personal" stuff written in journals. It's like "been there, done that, don't want to go back"! Love the nails!!! Sounds like you had a GREat Halloween! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. I love words also and and I keep a small journal of favorite words. I am with you about writing about everyday things..I read some of mine and depressing..LOL...I could have just made a copy of one page and it would be the same as my journals.LOL.. Thanks for the book, I am always looking for a new read..
    Oh yes on your last post I am glad it worked out for you.
    Take care,

  5. love the nails! I have to get some of those little tabbies...what a great idea. I have to say, I am glad my journals were destroyed as well...yikes...I shudder to think of my children reading them. YUCK! AND OH HOW I LOVE YOUR NOVEMBER MUSE!!!

  6. Your nails are fabulous! Love the color.