Friday, October 30, 2009

Charmed, I AM Sure!!!

A big thank you goes out to my blog peeps who so kindly shared their knowledge and/or commiserated with me about my Charm Debacle. Lorri from Artivity gave me THE most important Clue of all. One must seal Ones artwork with Gel Medium or Modge Podge, especially BOTH sides of those tiny little words before adding the DG3. Better than an Oprah Aha Moment. Kathy, (who is blogless, shame on her teehee) sick with the flu, with her sidekick Keanu Reeves, talked me down off the ledge and came up a good link and added THE most important Clue #2, Apply Thin Layers with 48 hours of drying time in between. I guess I should have started at Easter, to get these Christmas presents done....teehee. Jennlui seconded Lorri's Sealing Step and reiterated using Thin Layers. Terri commiserated so wonderfully and suggested Tacky Glue, Lorri suggested EZ Pour Resin and Roberta swears by jewelers grade Ice Resin. Roberta also said keep the room cool and stay away from using feathers in the Ice Resin. I can only imagine how she came to that conclusion. I think she raided her chicken coop on a cold winter's day......teehee. These products sound fabulous, but in the Spirit Of Cheapness and Using What I Have On Hand, I passed on these ideas, but will store them away for future reference. Katelyn said I should Stay Away from what she tried, Clear Nail Polish. Hey, it's equally good to hear about What NOT To do!!! Robin was her usual sweet self and said she even liked the yucky ones!! What a good friend!! (Robin have you had an eye exam lately? call me...teehee) I found this cool video on youtube by John W. Golden:

So here are six successful charms except for one thing. The holes I punched are too big. But that's ok. After all this hulabaloo I'm still using them. The next set I'm just going to use a nail and hammer and not the cropodile thing I own but have used twice. Had to have it tho, didn't I?? sigh. Anyway my bro and s-i-l are both into antiques and Victorian things and I think they will like these.

So I am moving forward with my charms. Hey, don't forget to email me your address, unless of course you don't want one of these charms that look like a Fourth Grader made them now, after all your awesome Advice and Encouragement. teehee. Seriously, Thank you, oh so much. xoSusan


  1. Your brother and sil are going to love the charms you made them *smiles*

    I haven't used Ice Resin yet, but I've heard good things about it.

  2. These turned out fabulous Susan.....and I still think the other ones you did were neat too!! At least you were determined not to let this kick your **** and you mastered these beautifully.

  3. Yea for moving on!

    They're beautiful and it's suddenly bumming me out that about two months ago I gave away a huge bag of colored caps because they'd sat in a drawer, unused, for yeeeeeeears. So, of course, NOW I'm inspired. Better get the hubby drinkings LOTS of beer - hahaha....

    The flu has moved on, Keanu too.

    Oh - AND - I sent an e-mail yesterday offering to pay a pro to help me create a blog! Now I just have to wait and see if she has time. Will keep you posted......

    Enjoy life - and I swear I'll get something in the mail to you - soon!


  4. I'm sooo happy that you resolved your difficulties - these new charms are GORgeous!!! Who wouldn't love them???? I gotta go now to dig out my old beer caps!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. They are fabulous charms :)
    I'm so glad to have helped out - I love working with the resin, but it is a messy process for me. I end up with it all over myself and my workspace!
    Love you Soul Sister so far away - It's such a sad time for me right now and I wish I could be drinking wine and creating with you!! xoxo