Sunday, February 22, 2009

All Things Books Swap

Sadly, this is the second to last swap I will be participating in with ArttechniquesATC's yahoo group. The group owner has decided to shut down the group. Our sister group Arttechniques is still going strong though. The owners' feeling is that interest in ATC's is dying.And unfortunately the small number of artists who sign up for swaps supports her decision. What do you think? Are you still interested in creating and trading ATC's? I know I am. A lot of trading goes on at Flickr. Maybe this is why there is less traffic on the groups. Thoughts?

Here is my sample ATC. Why is it the sample? It was the first Purell transfer and I lifted the transparency before enough of the book cover image had transferred.
Because the background lacks interest I colored the focal point in bolder colors than I do in the cards to be traded. She is done with chalks and Portfolio oil pastels.
Some day I'm going to get the Caran d'Ache pastels. Hey, a girl can dream. I want the set with 96 different colors. Hold on, I'm drooling. Ok, I'm back.

After applying the chalks et al, I sealed the cards with PYM II. I just got it. Doesn't smell bad, dries in 2 minutes, won't kill the cats. What's not to like? I did rub the chalk after spraying and a little bit came up, but I was pretty rough. So I think it will work out well. Check out their site which has videos and tutorials.

The backs are fun too:

I had to replace the one label. Why? I didn't seal it. Duh. Printed labels out on adhesive vellum.

And here are the final 4 to go postal tomorrow:
The End!! teehee. xoSusan

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  1. Susan,

    I too am sorry that arttechniquesatcs is being closed, but I have found a pretty nice place where oodles of trading goes on - ATCsforAll.

    It is not a Yahoo! group, but I am meeting lots of really nice people there. You might want to check it out.