Friday, February 20, 2009

All Things Books

I'm working on a set of ATC's for my arttechniquesATC's group. The subject is "All things Books". You could go in sooooo many directions with this one. I was gonna "do" sarcastic and use a man with a book, LOL, but decided against it. "Men With Books" will come later. Much later.Like Never. teehee.
I am really enjoying participating in swaps this year. It's a creative stretch to work with subjects another artist has chosen. My apologies, I made that sound way too much like exercise, teehee. Anyhoo, I covered both sides of cardboard with text from "Wuthering Heights". I had a very old copy, from my youth, completely falling apart. Did a couple washes of paint. Found an ornate book cover from a purchased collage sheet. (can't remember where, sorry)Printed it to transparency. Did a transfer using Purell, and had success. This was my first transfer using this technique. Lay down some Purell, lay down the transfer, Here is the Trick I learned from Many Failed Attempts, Do Not Move IT, Do NOT BURNISH. Let the Purell suck the ink onto the page. One or two minutes later lift off the transparency. Done. The Purell works far better for me than using an alcohol spray. I'm a convert now. I love how distressed it looks, see for yourself:
Wow, my work surface is about a 6" space. Here is what is left on the transp after transferring. Because I am a total pack rat, I will keep these to use as a layering device on another project.

I used a gold pen for the edges:

Here is the image focal point. I googled people reading or something like that and found her. I chalked her and used a fixative spray.
I have A Lot of copper and black corners. But I want Gold. So I embossed them:
I'm gonna add words. This is far as I got. I decided I couldn't work like this anymore:
What was once Madness and Mayhem,
Becomes clean and orderly.

Pay no attention to that BEER at my computer station.......

Wow, You can actually see the floor!! I give it two weeks. Now what did I do with my BEER?



  1. could you come to my house and find my floor? and my beer? because i would rather read & make art (well, do almost ANYTHING) than clean. you have great resukts- 6 in space or no. btw, check out the heartless bastards- you might like them....

  2. Transfer using Purell?? I will have to google that and give it a try!! Love what you made!

  3. Susan, your postings always make my day! And thank you so much for sharing your art process... I learn so much from them. I learn and LOL at the same time. :)

  4. Thanks for that tutorial, Susan. I've always wondered how the heck you get those cards to look so beautiful, mysterious, and all
    antique-y looking. I love the book theme, being an English teacher and all...I can't wait to see what else you create for this.
    Happy Saturday night to you!

  5. Purell? Really? I will try that. I did my first ever alcohol transfer yesterday and only had fair results. Love the little bit of your work that I've seen.