Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flickr Trade With Artsy Fartsy Queen

I got permission from Melody to blog about our Flickr Trade. You can find Melody's art here.
I traded my Tea For Two Clone :

The scan is slightly blurry because of the bowl of the spoon. I scanned while holding the card with the lid of the scanner up. I have not yet gotten a box and painted the inside black to place over dimensional objects while scanning. This idea came from
Marianne via my inkjet transfers yahoo group. I use an Epson Perfection 4490 scanner and Love It. Thanks for the tip, mk!

Now, just so you don't think everything looks good the first time, here is the first background I made for this card:

Stop laughing!!!! I used a gesso stamped background, too heavy of a hand embossing and a doily stamp that looks like poo when put all together. Luckily for Melody, I had one more postage stamp! I think I will salvage this and turn it into an Anti-Valentine. Something Dark and Maudlin, right up my alley!

Here is the awesome ATC I received from Melody:

It's TWO sided, how cool is that!!!!! Trading Rules!! Thanks again, Melody!


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