Friday, February 20, 2009

How I Spent My Valentines Day

I spent my Valentine's Day at work! At work I got a virus! Horrible headache, stiff neck, nausea and rolling innards. Guess what arrived at work to make me feel better?
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Thank you goes to my dear friend, Erin. She works part time at a florist and arranged these herself. I am a lucky girl!

Guess what arrived at home to make me feel better? :
How pretty is that? Cyndy from Heliotrope Tree House and her darling daughter Cub, created this beautiful expression of blog friendship. Thank you ladies, you sure did brighten my day. Cyndy was the recipient of my "Hope Will Find You" ATC and has positively made me blush with her heartfelt thanks. Lots of healing thoughts heading her family's way from my house. If you have a moment, please say a healing prayer for Cub's great grandma.

Guess what else arrived to make me feel even better! From my BFF Grace, I received this hilarious card:

And the punchline?:
This is what my life has become!!!! Ok, the lady doing my taxes today told me I need to be more positive. I was really nervous and I guess I OVERSHARED about my life. I'm getting a refund. American Express and Chase Mastercard will be so happy to hear that. So to put it positively, this is what my life has become, FOR NOW!!! Anyhoo, my wise, all listening, and all knowing BFF included this wonderful surprise in my valentine card:
A vintage postcard by Artist Xavier Sager!!! Grace knows what I like!! And here is the back with the most exquisite handwriting in French:

Please feel free to use this in your artwork. And as always, I would love to see what you create with it.

During Valentine Week, I also received a surprise package from my generous blog friend from across the pond, Lorri, at Artivity in Australia. Lorri's work is awesome! (Off Topic- Lorri is having a fun challenge on her blog, check it out, I'm gonna work on it this weekend-stay tuned!) She and her daughter, Bec, run a store called Scrappindipity and still have time to create beautiful (and often hilarious) art! Look at all this awesome Ephemera she sent:

Great images, I especially love the image of the 5 ugly ladies and the 2 children. I have actually been looking for the image of the two children. I made this ATC(traded) a while ago and have had many requests for a "clone":
All I need to do is cut away the little boy, hehehehe. Lorri also sent this cool postcard that is a montage of her art. I wanna do one, too! Here's Lorri's:
And drum roll please, the BEST part, a framed original ATC:
Lorri's inscription tells me to "Remember Your Beauty". How awesome is that! Thank you one and all for making me feel the love this Valentines!

And guess what made me feel the best I have ever felt in my ENTIRE LIFE?? 15 years ago on Valentines Day I gave birth to this:

Ok, she was A LOT smaller 15 years ago, but you know what I mean!! She dyed her hair black! Here she is opening her Bday gift from Grace at her party at my mom and dad's house. Holy Birthday Run On Sentence Batman. My mom invited the whole family, catered it with delicious food, (my mom is an unpaid party planner!!!)and decorated the house with love. I gave Sam a flip digital camcorder, got the idea from Sherry. Thanks, Sherry! I have to share how tiny my daughter is. Here is one of her presents in a sweet box:

I couldn't resist stuffing the bikini in that small box. Sam loved it. Wal-mart. You heard me. I said it. Don't Hate. teehee.

So all in all, my virus and loneliness were counteracted by Love from Friends and Family. Before this gets Hallmarky, I'm signing off.



  1. OMG I just cracked up when I read that card you got from your friend!! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well over Valentines but I'm glad that you are feeling better due to the love from your friends and family! I posted a couple pieces of ephemera on my blog that you might be interested in using in your art. Take Care - Robin

  2. Oooooooooooh, how does she like her Flip?! I LOVE mine. Now I just have to make a video worthy of posting. hee hee

    Looks like you had a fab-u-lous v-day :)

  3. Wow! For some reason I didn't see this post until tonight! Your daughter is beautiful...I love the, "Fifteen years ago I gave birth to this," line. Boy, time flies. Life flies. I'm trying to appreciate every second. Sounds like overall, it was a lovely Valentine's day. Somehow, you made our modest postcard look really pretty. Thanks so much for the recognition. You're such a great gal, Susan!
    Thanks for all the good vibes. Lord knows, we need 'em these days. Hope life is good!
    Many blessings,

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! And Sam is gorgeous. I love the bathing suit you found at WalMart~cool! You had her on Valentine's Day~what a special gift =)
    Miss ya~
    Check out my BAJ post!