Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fred B. Mullett Haul

Here is my Haul from Fred B. Mullett. I had the hardest darn time narrowing down which stamps to purchase. I wanted to make sure I had some of my favorites to take with me for his June Workshop. Fred is one classy dude, note the positive/negative fern stamp he included free of charge. What a guy!! Can't wait for the class. Contact The Queens Ink for workshop info. Here is a closeup of the lace stamp used on an altered cabinet card. Not quite done with it yet so just showing a corner. We all know I am addicted to ATC's, paper, rubber stamps and now cabinet cards. Oh and chocolate. And men with facial hair that are incapable of loving me. Oh, did I type that out loud???
My next step for this card is covering it with beeswax which is not quite an addiction yet but the possibility is there. I'm thinking that the oil pastels will melt and move around though?? I'm a little nervous about that. I really like this one so far, don't want to mess him up. Any advice about the wax and oil interacting?? Thanks in Advance, xoSusan

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