Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Mask ATC's

I love these mask ATC's. I have never seen anything like them elsewhere, these are strictly my invention. As much as any book or art can be pure invention anymore, that is. I mean who knows if 20 years ago I saw something like this and it hitched a ride in my subconscious all these years only to resurface when I could recognize it and claim it as my own! This first one uses adhesive paper lace on the border. I colored it with portfolio oil pastels. The full quote is from Carol Shield's book "Unless" and goes like this: "Women have been hampered by their biology. Read Carol's work. That's an order. You will be enriched, very enriched.
I can't remember the origin of the quote from the next ATC. This is not the first time I have used it. It always sticks with me for some reason.

Check out that Gold Glass Glitter, courtesy of my blog buddy, Robin. Thanks again, girl, I am unbelievably attracted to sparkly things!!


  1. Gorgeous. Love them so much. They are uniquely yours. Don't you just love that?! You have an insanely beautiful imagination.

  2. Love your ATC's Susan! I really like the way you used that glass glitter on the second one. Glad you are enjoying your goodies!!

    Take Care - Robin