Sunday, April 26, 2009


Come and play with me! I'm doing a "whats in your wallet" type challenge, but Altering it to "What's on Your Walls? Share with Blog Land what Art , Photographs, Porn (what? is that just my house??? teehee) Anything At All, that is hanging on your walls. Comment me that you are playing and I will post your offerings from your blog with a link. The first Room in The House We are Posting "What's on Your Walls" about is YOUR BEDROOM. Here are My Offerings: The first painting is "Isle of Capri". The artist is Karl somebody. I can't see the last name. Can you believe it? Hold on another chin hair sprouted.....Okay it's gone.

The next one is called "Betrothed". What you don't know is that underneath this print is my wedding portrait. Yup, didn't have the heart to get rid of it. So I picked this print out just because I liked it. As the framer and I were discussing options, which included a suede matt and antiglare glass, swoon, she told me the painting was called "Betrothed". The subject is staring at her engagement ring. Isn't it bizarre that I picked this? I thought it was meant to be at the time, so I went with it. The frame is the original from my sitting.

And Here is what is underneath:

Yup, that's me, 100 years and almost as many pounds ago. That was my real hair color. Chin hairs, bifocals, grey hair or extra pounds would not dare to approach that girl back then. The saddest part? I thought I was fat. Can you believe it??? What a waste of time. I should have been Kicking Ass and Taking Names. And now that I have the sense to Kick Ass and Take Names I can't raise my leg up high enough to kick anything and I can't remember my own name half the time. Wait, I'm getting a hot flash.......what was I saying??? xoSusan

P.S. NEVER mention THE HAT to ME. EVER.


  1. You are so funny and so entertaining, and might I add, brilliant and clever? However, there is no way I am showing you what pictures hang in my house! Through a long chain of events we moved into my husband's child hood home to refurbish it with his mom, who comes with the house. It's a long story but his dad died and we were spending so much time here anyway and it gave me the opportunity to quit working,etc. Anyway, we've made a lot of changes and cleaned out 40 years worth of "stuff" and are about to get to the walls. They need not only paint but some plaster repair, etc. I am masterfully creating the illusion already that when the walls are done, we will want to rearrange the pictures (and make room for my collection of college student and professor work and other original pieces I have bought from all over the world.) Realistically, I don't think there is any way in hell my mom is going to part with some of the "vintage" art work hanging about - not because she even likes it but because it was given to her for her wedding or anniversary or from her mother's house, etc. There was no choosing art here. These are furniture store reproductions of "hang over the couch" kind of work. And, they're dirty (like dusty not pornographic) and need to be cleaned somehow! Oy. But, I love the idea here and can't wait to see some of the pictures posted.

    Your artwork is gorgeous and tasteful and lovely to look at. I won't mention the hat (for fear you might take my name and kick my ass), but you were a beautiful bride, my dear! You are fun to visit!


  2. Ok. I'll play! Some pictures were chosen by me, some inherited, some just are there - how does that happen? Maybe it's time for a redo? Here's a link to my pics:


  3. I am going to comment on the bride - she is beautiful. Love the hat - are you southern? I wore a "gone with the wind" hat thing in one of my weddings. What a hoot.