Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Robin's Gift

My lovely and talented blog friend Robin and I traded ATC's. Robin received one of my Fred B. Mullett Sea Urchin ATC's and I received "Nautilus" from Robin. She used a Wax Paper Batik technique combined with stamping and embossing along with charms and gemstones. Skillfully crafted, amazing attention to detail. Here it is:

The back is even wonderful, you can get a fuller view of her batik technique. Visit Robin's blog for details.

Check out this cool creation! I am so stealing this idea to make as gifts for Christmas. It's OK, Robin knows I'm gonna steal it, wait, if she knows, is it stealing???....Anyhoo, she painted coasters and attached post it notes that she stamped individually using a variety of stamps. Very clever. I found coasters at Micheal's for $1. Yeah I'm on my way to grand theft art.....

As if the goodies so far weren't awesome enough, she sent more!!!! Stamped fabric petals, glass glitter (that I've been dying to get my hands on) and lots of unmounted rubber!! The coolest designs, too. I'm really looking forward working with the clock and especially the chess pieces. Robin you Rock. Wasn't that a song? But I digress. Here's a pic of the goodies:

Thank you, Robin, lets trade again real soon!!!

PS Just so you know, I sent Robin some goodies too. I just can't remember what I sent!!


  1. Oh my...look who's blushing now!!!!LOL!! So glad you enjoyed the goodies Susan and glad you found the coasters for a great price at Micheals. You ROCK!!!!!


  2. Hi Susan,

    I found you from googling matchbox art (I just finished my first matchbox and after I finished it, I researched - backwards like most things I do), of all things, and here I am and I see we have a few blog links in common so I thought I would expand the circle and introduce myself. Your blog is beautiful, love your music by the way, and all that you do. So much that I'm going right now and adding you to my links so I can come back and investigate thoroughly on a regular basis. Have a great weekend!