Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Engagement ATC

I made this ATC In Honor of my BFF Grace's Engagement to her Beloved, Ric.

I'm Wishing them Smooth Sailin'!!! A Quiet Harbor!! His Wind at Her Back!! A Stiff Breeze!! Hatches Battened Down!! Full Steam Ahead!! Hope On The Horizon!! All Hand's On Deck!! HeadWay!! High Tide!! Steady As She Goes!! Three Sheets To The Wind!! Toeing The Line!! A Windfall! High And Dry!! Close Quarters!! okay, I'm done, I got a little carried away didn't I? These phrases are all wonderful ideas for ATC's by the way. Congratulations Grace and Ric. xoSusan

1 comment:

  1. Thank you sweetie! You inspire me every day. How appropriate, this girl was scared to step on the Good Ship Lollipop as a child, and my man got me to cruise on an antique schooner last summer. Thanks for being there from the start. XO