Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Anti-Valentines Day!!! R Rated Post

Happy Anti-Valentines Day to all my Bloggin Buddies!!! xoxoxo!!! Here is my First Batch of AV's. I am illin' from a weekend of Drinking and Debauchery so this is a brief and painful post of pics. Warning to the Weak of Stomach and Faint of HeArt these are LOW BROW. Skip this post if Low Brow is not your thingy ding.
"Stop Looking" Claimed by Sherry!!
"Wild Woman" Claimed by PB!!
"Wouldn't Need Bob" Claimed by Terri!!

"Wigged and Loaded" Claimed by Grace!!

This next one is my personal favorite!!
So far I have made only ONE Sweet Valentine. This is for my Aussie friend Lorri from Artivity. This is a photo of her parents. She posted it on her blog a long time ago for us to play with. Lorri sent me not One but TWO ATC's I saw on her Flickr page that I shamefully begged for. teehee. Thank you, Lorri!! xoxoxo I will post photos of them as soon as I stop peeing orange, for you ladies in the know, you feel me right??? I can't sit still for too long. teeFinghee.
I owe Cyndy and Cub a sweet one, too. Now WHO WANTS WHAT???? Which one appeals to you?? First come, first serve Fellow Blogging Buddies!! Nobody panic, I still have about 10 more to make. xoSusan


  1. Oh goodie I'm FIRST! The first atc appeals to me *smiles*

    I have a new snail mail address, so I'll send it to you in an e-mail.

  2. love them all! what do you use to make the comments? looking thru books for the right words just isn't cutting it.....

  3. OOO... oooo!!! May I have the 3rd please (since the 1st is taken!). Susan, these are friggin' AWEsome!!!! I think you've got my snail mail, but I'll send an email (just in case. I just KNOW there's a market for these bad girls!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. I like "wild wild women". Well I like them all, you do have a way with words my dear. These are hysterical.
    Can't say I feel sorry for your "big fuzzy head". but been there lots of times. Hope you had a good time getting it. Orange uh! heehee.
    Thanks for your comments by the way, I've been pretty out of touch. Sorry bout that. xoxo pb

  5. I love them all! And your personal favorite is mine,'s great!!