Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book Pages

I have been working on embellishing my cat card boards with the idea to turn them into a book. This book is just for me. I'm using it as a practice for transfers so far. Here is the post when I first made the pages. This first one, Serene Girl in Chaos, has a bunch of failed transfers that have been wiped off, which give the page lots of colorful texture. The floor plan of Notre Dam is a soft gel transfer from an Apollo 7039 transparency. The girl is the actual transparency glued down after I tried to transfer her twice using soft gel and failed. The flourish is a rub on. I'm going to add more paint over the flourish and more embellishing with words, stamps and paint.

This next page, Butterfly Nest, has an astrological chart transfer with the soft gel/7039 recipe. The upper butterfly is a rub on, the big one is paper glued down and blackened with charcoal pencil. The rose and egg are glued down transparencies, the nest is a tissue image. The rose hides a failed soft gel/7039 transfer attempt.
She Holds The Keys, now has the key image which was transferred using soft gel/7039. Lots more to be added to this page.
Doorway Silhouette has like 4 failed transfers sanded off and two pretty distressed "successful" transfers on top. I like the grunginess, but would have liked the face to come out cleaner. Can you even see the face??
Wordy Venus has a real mess in the center, another failed transfer. I will cover that up with paper.
I think I like Butterfly Arch the best so far. This one had a failed transfer of a queen and a castle on it. If you look real hard in the green area you can still kind of see her face. I used an Arch stamp and a butterfly rub on that will have to be toned down somewhat with a charcoal pencil. Can you see the face on the right. My daughter says she can, but she loves me and doesn't what to hurt my feelings. teehee.
So this is what I have been up to. All of these pages will have a lot more added to them as I experiment more and more. Once I get the majority of the page finished, the fun embellishing begins with words and bits of this and that. I've never done a "practice book" before and although often frustrated, I am enjoying the process. This weekend we are expecting another Nor'easter, and have heard estimates of up to 18" of snow. I think I will stock up on the Diet Pepsi and work on my Valentines ATC's. Time ran away with me this year, I hope I get them finished for all of my lovely Blog Friend Valentines by the 14th!! Now here is my question: Do you want Sweet Valentines or my typical Sarcastic Anti-Valentines???? I have LOADS of ideas for the Sarcastic ones and like 1 idea for a sweet one. Ok, that's a lie, I have none. But I am trying!!! Make a Choice and You Too May Be The Lucky Recipient of an Anti-Valentine or a Sweet Valentine. xoSusan


  1. I really like your transfers! That's how I'm always trying to get stuff to look like, all faded and ancient-looking. Cool stuff.

  2. Every page looks divine, but I love the first one. I'm a bit of a sucker for flourishes.

  3. Loving the practice - amazing what comes out of just puttering around ! My fav ? Serene Lady in Chaos so far but I am telling you, the textures you are achieving are incredible!
    Anti-Valentines Day would be the way to go with your oh so drool sense of humor my friend !Can't wait to see what that imagination comes up with !
    Lots of love !
    PS - No eye candy this month ???? Signing off all of the them ???;)

  4. yes, i can see the face in each of them- wonderfully mysterious! your posts about transfers are great! i just bought the image transfer workshop book...can't wait to learn some new ones! and a practice book for this is a wonderful idea! i often create something, write all the steps down on a scrap of paper and then try to find it when i need it....

    no sweet valentines here....

  5. i admire your perserverance- i would have given up and started drinking! but i like all of them. i use the actual transparency sometimes too- it's a nice, different look. email me your address- i'll send you something to try.....

  6. Love this post, Susan! I'm 'transfer challenged', so it was nice to see how you use your failed transfers and incorporate them into an overall design. Hmmm . . . I looked and looked, but didn't see the faces! (Sorry!) Is it almost V-Day?!? Holy Cow! Where did January go??? Three words: Sarcastic suits you!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. I love all of these Susan! They have such a wonderful distressed look. You are much better at doing transfers than some of us:)

  8. Love them all! I love the mystery to the last piece!