Sunday, February 28, 2010

GPP Street Team-Crusade #37-Love Letters

Well, I got my journal page in just under the wire to participate in Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press Street Crusade #37-Love Letters. Here is my finished journal page featuring lots of X's and O's:

And Here is How I did it!!

Step 1:
Lay down the Letter Stencils and assorted materials you want to spray thru to make your background interesting. Here I have used letter masks by Tim Holz, washers, bottle caps, sequin waste, punches punched out of paper, and a round dotty stencil.

Step 2:

Begin spraying thru the stencils and be careful not to move them around after spraying. I used Glimmer Mist sprays here.

Step 3:
I mixed another spray color using Perfect Pearls powder and a mini mister. Mask the areas you don't want the new color to reach.

Step 4:

I knew I wanted to add either a large hand or a figure to my page so I flipped thru my magazines looking for one. I really like the outstretched hands in this photo, so she is the winner. I used tissue from a valentines present (thanks Grace xo) to make my paper doll a dress. I added X and O stamps and have them hanging down similar to a belt. Glue sticked it together.

Step 5:
Play with the Layouts. I forgot to get a pic of the background after spraying but you can kind of see how it turned out below. I know I wanted to use one of the white circles as a head but wasn't sure how I was going to orient the page.

I ended up liking the below layout better. I got the idea to have X's and O's flow from the figure's hands and in this second orientation I have the open space to do it.

Step 6:

Here I used a stencil to cut dictionary pages out with words that begin with ex. Get it??? teehee. I knew that you would. I am feeling quite cautiously happy these days and positivity has infused this page. Either that or I purged all my sarcasm making Anti-Valentines!! Don't worry it will be back. teehee.

Here's a closeup of the chosen words:
Step 7:
Added some detail work with Stabilo pencils, chalk pencils and some embossing.

I'll post the finished page so you don't have to scroll up again!!
I hope you enjoyed the show and tell about my journal page. Come play with us next month!! I can't wait to see what Michelle has up her sleeve for the next crusdade!! xoSusan


  1. thanks so much for sharing your creative process with us! it's always fun to see how the finished product is achieved!

  2. Susan, thanks for sharing your page and describing the process. Loved sitting on your shoulder while following along. It turned out fabulous...I really like the Xs & Os spilling out of her hands!

  3. Yes, I enjoyed the show! *smiles* And guess what ELSE I enjoyed????? The rak of that really cool anti-valentine atc I found in my mail box today!

    Please stop by my blog for a public thank you *smiles*

    xoxo Sherry

  4. This is wonderful. Thanks for showing how you did this.

  5. Fantastic pages and I love your tutorial! You have a style of your own. Love to see you in the next challenge.

  6. Awesome page, and a super awesome tutorial too! I'm happy to hear that the sarcasm won't be gone for long! LOL!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. what a great job! and thanks for sharing the steps- i always love to see other artists' process!

  8. what a wonderful page! i love how you showed the process of it all!

  9. This is a great page and a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I love the dictionary idea in the x's. Thanks for popping by to see my efforts too. Re the script tape - just type that in Etsy and you will be bowled over by what comes up!! Seriously addictive.

  10. I love your page! And thanks for sharing all the details about how you did it....that always helps.

  11. You make it look soooo easy Susan! Thanks for the step by step details!

  12. Wow! That is great! I'm so impressed. I'm enjoying look at all you pages.
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  13. This page is truly fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your creative process with us! You rock!

  14. Oh, wow! I LOVE your interpretation of the challenge, Susan. Thanks for the step-by-step too :)

  15. So that's how you do it. I pictured a sort of mad scientist kind of thing going on in your house...heehee. Your page is awesome. Really thought out interpatation. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall. Thanks Susan.


  16. Late getting here to comment but, WOW! LOVE her clothing. Awesome step by step too. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Your page turned out terrific. And thanks for sharing how you did it. I thought the "labrynth" type circle in the middle was a stamp. Very creative placement too.

  18. Love your page and the way you altered the dress with patterned paper!

  19. As always, Susan, your work is gorgeous! PS - I've been listening to a new band lately. They're called The Heavy. You'd like them too.

  20. I loved seeing the step by step - what fun you had! This is wonderful! I love that dress.

    Trying to get a little further along in catching up on blogs. Thank you for your visits. It's good to be home and back at life again. Heart is still broken but I'm gathering up the pieces and gluing them back together. I'll be by several more times to get caught up but wanted to fly by and say howdy.

  21. Amazing page, Susan ! Love it ! Thanks for sharing all the steps in how you created it. Love the misting..
    Didn't play along in much going on. Hope to join back in in Mrach though !
    Cheers, taleneted One !

  22. Found your blog through Marianne, great work! thanks for sharing.