Friday, October 19, 2007

Benign Neglect

My project for part of this weekend. My muse is off somewhere laughing at me agonizing about the car issue. So, when the muse flies, work applies! Cleaning my work space, organizing my stamps, filing images all get done while waiting for Muse to reappear.
I have quite a collection of unmounted rubber, as you can see. Most of it is virgin! The stamps above are from Burnt Offerings, Divas D'Este, and Lost Aussie Designs. I can't remember where I got the cityscape. Most of these I have purchased online or last year at Art and Soul vendor night.
I have invested in some EZMount Mounting foam and Acrylic blocks. The directions are very simple. My purchases were made online at Sunday International. I also invested in a Stamp n' Stor storage folder. Will post my findings about this system. Hopefully, my daughter will let me keep the light on while we watch Office Space, so I can get started tonight.

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