Sunday, October 14, 2007

What I Have So Far

I think I'm happy with these! For "She would have preferred a more fitting vessel" I edged with Perfect Pearls and added copper tape corners. I printed the words out on my computer and stipled them with ink. I adhered the slide with diamond glaze. The quote is from Joanne Harris' book, "Five Quarters of the Orange" somewhat paraphrased. An excellent book. For the ARtchix image ATC I used a piece of mica adhered with brads. I like the texture the ribbon and fuzzy fibers add.

Anybody wanna trade?? I think I need to get a tripod. These photos are blurry, or maybe its the wine!!
On the 4x4 canvas, I added some wire and the words "What Possibilities Remain?" I haven't glued it together yet. Not sure I'm ready to commit to the composition. It is a very interesting question, don'tcha think??? Here is the complete quote from Carol Shield's "The Stone Diaries":
"A thought comes into her head: that lately she doesn't ask herself what is possible, but rather what possibilities remain."
I highly recommend any of her books.

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