Sunday, January 13, 2008

Art in Bed

Feeling punk with the flu is no reason not to do Art! My arttechniquesATC's group is working out of Sherrill Kahn's "Creative Embellishments" book. Our current project is making wrapped chenille stems and fabric beads. Last year at A and S, Virginia, 2007, I made altered baby wipes for trades. Well, they went over like a fart in church, so I brought most of them home.

Here is a close-up of the tag:

Here are a few close-ups of my favorite wipes. They are painted, stamped, alcohol inked, and left to dry.

After gathering up my supplies:

I cut straws of different sizes because I'll want to use some on ATC's and some on larger books and canvases. Next step add glue to wipe and roll that straw up.

Here they are rolled and ready to embellish:

Now since the stand up and roll part was done, I took to my bed:
Where I wrapped chenille stems with fibers:

Here is one finished:
Here are the ones I finished by adding sparkly fibers, metal fibers, beads and toulling.

Gotta go post em on my group, then it's off to bed for me. Doing a 12 hour work day tomorrow.
Have a great Monday, and wash your hands!!!a lot!!


  1. Susan, your embellishments are beautiful. Sorry you are ill, but apparently it doesn't slow down your creativity! Get well soon.

  2. Susan
    I feel bad that you thought your trades went over like "a fart in church"...I don't think we traded because I think your baby wipes are beautiful! It is amazing how much work we put into trades !!!!!
    Your beads are incredible too--someone will be very blessed to get them!
    brenda bliss

  3. hope you are feeling better, beautiful new friend ;)

    love your newest creations~ you are an inspiration!!

    I love creating baby wipe backgrounds for my atcs~

    xo ~Bella
    p.s. Dita von Tesse~ I wish that was her modeling our corsets ;)

  4. thanks for the laughs, hoping you're feeling better, a ten hour shift is probably not what the Dr ordered
    Wonderful pics and how to's, impossible to pick a fav!
    I never got to trade with you either at A&S 07, your wipes are original and beautiful! I traded my house shaped ATCs. I got the feeling that some people might have been tired of ATCs. Oh I also had some metal findings for trade in a bag tied with a key. What to do for A&S 08????

  5. Gorgeous baby-wipes and the beads are wonderful too...I'm sure the girls will love them. I can just see them hanging off the edge of an altered book!

    This is my 1st visit to your blog and I must say, I'll be back...I'm adding you to my blogarithm so I can keep track of you. Beautiful work, particularly love the canvas and Edward Scissorhands...swoon!