Sunday, January 27, 2008

Transparency Transfers

I love the look of transfers. But I hate, hate, hate rubbing the background paper off the image. So I was very excited to hear about transfers using transparencies and 70 % rubbing alcohol. I have heard of using the Chartpak pens for transfers (link here is a how-to from art-e-zine) but am not keen on smelling the fumes the pen emits. I learned of alc/transp. technique from Kelsey's blog. She is also a member of my inkjet transfers yahoo group. She is an extremely talented artist, and her blog is one of my fav's. Unfortunately, I did not pay proper attention to the directions! After printing images on a transparency that is NOT quick dry, spritz with alcohol, place on receiving paper and burnish. Here is my first go at it. My transparency was quick dry and it was a frustrating experience. I ordered some online today that are NOT quick dry.
Ick! Next are two that I was able to salvage, sorry for the blurry pic:

This one started out as a gamepiece backboard, gesso swirls and doodles, painted with acrylics.

This one was a glossy ATC, transfer, alcohol ink on top, added gold rub-ons. I like this one a lot. It looks kind of spooky. Misguided Angel is one of my favorite songs by the Cowboy Junkies.


  1. Hey Susan. Try out the transparency transfer & rubbing alcohol on book works a treat and then you can use dye inkpads to colour the rest of the bookpage or even some washes of paint! The "Poetry" atc on my blog is done with this method and it's a great transfer of Mr Poe. Thanks for the kind words. ;-)

  2. Hello :)
    Love your music on your page - going to hunt it down now!
    Great art, love your style and colours.
    Take care,