Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beating of My Heart

Stayed up LATE last night working on this ATC. I can't breathe through my nose, so I can't sleep! Feeling flu-y. This ATC's theme, when first examined, may seem full of darkness and lonliness.

There is a hidden message though. If you read the entire poem, written by Paul H. Beattie,
it is quite beautiful and full of hope. Consider taking a moment to read the entire poem. Let me know what you think.


  1. OK, you got me! I did read the entire piece. It is something I would like to read again and again as it has so many layers. It's really powerful, thanks for sharing that! Your ATC is neat, love the doors and heart, I'm always in with hearts! You know what I wish about Blogger, once you're in Comment mode you can't see the post you're commenting on. I know, I sound o-l-d, but it would help to refer back LOL! I have not yet done an ATC with a door or window that opens, looks fun! Just so you don't think I'm stalking you teehee, I have you on Bloglines (LOVE THAT!) so whenever there's a new post, I know about it = very efficient. Someone much techyier than me told me about's a good thing!

  2. Third Art and Soul...can't wait. Love your music. Who is it? I am part of an online group of Divas. There are about 15 of us coming to Virginia this year. Kathy Was is one of us. I do not have a blog and this is the first one I've commented on. I do lots with beads. Love 'em.