Friday, January 11, 2008

Brighton Tins

For all you assemblage artists out there: have you ever heard about Brighton jewelry? It's lovely stuff. I bought myself an "I love me" ring not long ago. It is smokey quartz, I think. I love it and I wear it every day.

Anyway, it came in a tiny heart shaped tin box.

I purchased my ring at East Meets West Emporium in Shippensburg, Pa. I put the tin aside for a rainy day of altering. It just so happens that I will be attending Kathy Wasilewski's "Tin Soul" workshop at Virginia Art and Soul. Here is a workshop example posted by Kathy on the supplies list for the class:

Now my wheels are turning.....I went on ebay to find a larger Brighton tin for the mid section of my "tin soul". Purchased 3 necklace size boxes:

When I enlarge the picture it gets too blurry. Got 3 for $10.50 which includes shipping. I'm hoping the size is right, and that I'll be able to trade the other 2 with another attendee of the class. My inspiration for looking on ebay was from my arttechniques or arttechniquesATCs yahoo group. Some of the artists were chatting about purchasing Godiva candy boxes on ebay after Valentines Day. Thought I should spread the love!


  1. awesome idea. i think it will end up looking great. good to see the wheels in your head spinning. that's what creativity and inspiration is all about, eh? thanks for sharing,

  2. Hearts, tins, boxes....also a few of my favorite things! Your ring is lovely! I have a Brighton "heart" on leather key thingy that I've had for a long while now. Altered tins is on my list, Kathy's are amazing. I bet that was an excellent class. Where does she get her faces I wonder?

  3. Did you ever complete the project? I would love to see the result and post it on my blog: