Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bookmarks with Wrapped Chenille Stems

My arttechniquesATC's yahoo group is working out of Sherrill Kahn's book, "Creative Embellishments". Our first projects are wrapped chenille stems and fabric beads. You can see my beads in my previous post, Art in Bed. I decided to mix textures and created two bookmarks.

The first step was digging through my stash and finding the precut cardstock bookmarks. I misted my non-stick craft sheet with water and rubbed my favorite distress ink color, peeled paint, on the sheet. Then I smooshed the bookmark all over it. Added a wash of copper Lumiere paints and Kiwi perfect pearls. After drying I layed a ferny plastic stem down on top the bookmark and smooshed Molding Paste all around and in between the stems. Remove plastic stem. Let that dry for a couple days. Painted with Golden's green gold paint (another favorite) and accented with the kiwi perfect pearls. Lots of nice texture going on here.
Next step was choosing the quotes. I love, love, love Jane Austen so I picked two favorite quotes, one from "Pride and Predjudice" and one from "Persuasion." Printed words on taupe cardstock. Tore the edges and crinkled the paper up in a little ball. Smoothed out and distressed the edges with brown ink and chalks. Used soft gel medium to adhere and seal the surface.
Next step was making the chenille stems. I had a lovely green/gold yarn on hand and wrapped it up! Next I used a fuzzy, sparkly thread sparingly, to add just a little more texture.
Tied a ribbon around the bottom of the stem and added beads as a finish. Here the finished backs:

And the finished fronts:
Hope you like! Try it and show me what you create!

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  1. FANTABULOUS!!! that's my word of the day and it so fits your wonderful bookmarks! Your process sounds intriguing, wish I could play there with you and learn first hand. I am not all that patient with written instructions. I have all of these fab books and kinda just wing it after 'looking' at a sample or two.